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I attended Humes High from 1952, until the summer of 1955, when my father and I relocated to Phoenix, AZ. I attended HUMES HIGH untill midway of my junior year when Internatiol Harveter cut back and my father was layed of,we then move to Mich. I sure have a lot of great memories from Humes of friends, good and quirky teachers, sockhops with the Seagrams 7, pep rallies, football games, and, most of all, making-out with my super-hot girlfriend after school every afternoon by our third floor lockers after her cheer-leading practice was over! I attended Humes beginning 7th grade in 1944 up to almost through the 11th grade in 1949 when I dropped out to join the Air Force. I chose to go to Memphis Technical High for my last two years because of the great art program with Mr.

Went to Humes from 1960-1966 The graduating Class of 1966 says it's the last real graduating class from Humes. Have read a lot of the comments above and if anyone has lost touch they can resume their friendship on a Face Book Page Humes High School Memphis. Hope we do have reunion next year.I lived on Lewis Street 1 block from Jackson and Bellview(Elvis Presley Blvd) and I walked to school every day. I know that during my tenure at Humes I met many people, that even today I still consider some of my best friends. What a crappy senior year we all had graduating from a brand new school with no established traditions or history!

This school has had so many successful people graduate from there, I am just proud to say I am from Humes and yes most people recognize the name due to Elvis.

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