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New York Shade RoomThis pergola project was a good example of what we do at Baldwin Pergolas on a regular basis. This pergola may appear simple, but the area it fits into is very irregular and required lots and lots of measurements and correspondence. To further point out the details of this pergola, please notice the bottoms of the rafters have a gentle arch cut into their bottom edge.
Attached PergolaWe feature this project because it is a fairly typical attached post and beam pergola. It's hard to see, but the color of the rafters matches the color of the house and the color of the posts and beam match the trim color. The dining table is preventing Mark from walking straight through the center of the pergola, but the length of the crank handle allows Mark to open the shade with ease. This pergola is quite tall, but as you can see, the shade system works well in creating shade. Ocean pergolaThis customer has a fantastic view of Long Island Sound, but found themselves baking on their sun deck.
A fiberglass pergola derives its strength from its firm connection to a concrete footing or a concrete slab.
What people don't think about when considering a pergola is the appearance of the pergola at night.
Please notice that there are beams in the depth aspect which span from the side of the house and out beyond the post.
This pergola has a wide stance, is tall and is built with appropriately substantial components.

Baldwin Pergolas is a full blown custom woodshop with modern machinery and skilled workers.
We encourage our customers to design short pergolas because they look better and provide more shade.
Most cedar pergolas get coated with Olympic Maximum, Cedar natural tone Sealer because it blocks the ultra violet rays and includes a wax which limits moisture fluctuation. Boots: This is a box of trim which gives aesthetic balance to the pergola and also conceals the post mounting bracket. Shade area: This is the overall size of your pergola which includes the overhangs, so it's basically your rafter length and your purlin length.
The fabric is hung from cross-bars which roll back and forth within the centered mono beam.
I framed a couple pergolas, when our framer was behind and we used 6" SDS screws from the top, countersunk and then filled with caulking and painted to protect from collecting water. The customer seemed to know exactly what he wanted: Custom arches, head beams and copper flashing. We moved the rafter over a couple inches which meant custom notching array in the beams and purlins. The structure is beautiful and practical, but when your focus shifts to the reflection of the pergola in the water something magical happens which is hard to put into words. Regardless of what you call them, gussets provide diagonal or lateral strength between the post and the beam.
The gussets attach to the beams in such a way as to provide stability and support, in effect narrowing the overall span.

Typical overhangs are 18" for small pergolas and 24" for large pergolas, but you have full control over that. Our typical offerings are designed to endure high winds, but large residential pergolas and commercial jobs may require engineering. While looking at photos of pergolas I see many in which I cannot ascertain how the rafters are attached to the beams. We carefully inspect every inch of every board for defect and use only good ones for pergola parts. If the spans are super natural, the pergolas occupants will be wondering what's holding it up and therefore will be in a state of fear rather than security. We have done a limited number of pergolas with the Craftsman style gussets and they can be just as beautiful. And our patent-pending decorative foot covers hide unique anchors that keep the pergola firmly secured to the ground or patio. We draw knowledge from all of these sources when assisting our customers in effort to build perfect pergolas, but in the end, we always go with what the customers wife says. Fluting of posts is not a standard option, but we customize almost every pergola, so be sure to inquire if you are interested.
This pergola will give your patio wonderful, shaded, natural beauty that will let you enjoy hours of relaxation there, perhaps while the kids play on a swing set from Backyard Discovery!

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