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If there's no hope for a plant to poke its head out from between the tiles on your patio, and there's not enough dirt in the corners of your house, then get potty! Container vegetable gardens are a great alternative for those that don't have access to a garden, backyard or even a balcony. An outdoor potted vegetable garden is usually extremely attractive and serves the dual purpose of style and function around your patio. The no dig vegetable garden can be just as successful in containers, provided similar guidelines are followed.

Naturally if you're doing your container vegetable gardening on an outdoor patio or balcony and you don't mind water seeping out from the pots and staining the surrounds, then there's no need to put saucers underneath. Just like vegetables grown in the ground, stress by any means, such as lack of water even for a short time, lack of nutrients, cold snaps, blasts of wind and so on, will more often than not result in the vegetable plants producing small harvests, succumbing to disease, or in some varieties, bolting to seed. And for all vegetables, here's what you need to know about pot sizes and sorts, and a list of container gardening vegetables to grow. Do remember that a regular commitment is particularly important when growing vegetables in pots, all the more when everything is in full swing in summertime.

An advantage with vegetables grown in containers is that you can move the containers around to follow the sun and seasons if necessary. Check out this information from experts on How to Grow Superb Potatoes and Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes for growing in everything from tubs, baskets, plots and planters.

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