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The two plant walls at The Patio on Goldfinch in Mission Hills are not like that whatsoever. The Patio has built a glass cheese cave, aging its own with help from top local cheese store Venissimo. The ultimate guide to San Diego’s marquee cuisine, with a taco hall of fame, the best ceviches, the ultimate salsa bar, top taco deals, margaritas, micheladas, and more. For decades, Top of the Cove in La Jolla held one of the most iconic restaurant spots in San Diego.
But everyone is naturally drawn to the huge, gorgeous plant wall in the back of the room, designed by The Patio's on-staff decorator Bea Arrues.

Patio ownership is going for LEED Platinum certification with the restaurant (as eco-friendly as you can get), but should at least hit LEED Gold.
While waiting for your Patio colonization, please enjoy the first known good photos in the universe of POG.
About This BlogRestaurant reviews, food trends, top cocktails, wine, beer and generally the best eats and drinks in San Diego, by Food Editor and general good guy Troy Johnson. Their first, in Pacific Beach at the old Lamont Street Grill (renamed The Patio on Lamont), is a huge success.
They’ve started showing up in San Diego restaurants over the last few years at The Pearl, Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant, and Vin de Syrah.

The Patio’s bread is really nicely buttered and caramelized into a state of significant umami. We try the housemade sangrita, but the spice makes it a challenge, not a pleasure to drink.

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