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Our office renovation showcases many features that might be suitable or desirable in your yard, from a circular patio with stone fireplace, water feature and privacy wall, front porch with stone columns and a wide variety of trees, shrubs and perennials for screening or border plantings.
After seeing my friend, Mary’s patio that her hubby built, I decided that I too could do that project.
The guys loaded the pea gravel in the wheel barrow and brought over and I spread it all out. If you want to go to a relaxing outdoor area without leaving your home, you should go no further than your own patio!
The number one reason for raised patio failure is improper installation of fill and improper fill material selection. I almost forgot, NEVER EVER EVER use pea gravel or allow your contractor to use pea gravel. Probably the third most common cause for raised paver patio failure is loss of fill material. Although you may not have the luxury of space in your porch but then it doesn’t mean you can’t have the best patio. Landscapers, although this doesn’t apply to everyone of them, can typically install simple patios and hardscape projects, but building a raised patio requires a company that has a tremendous amount of experience installing only hardscape projects to understand what to do and what not to do when building a raised patio. Fill is the material used to fill the void between the bottom of your pavers and the ground.

Pea gravel (very small round pieces of gravel) has been used under concrete for years as a base fill material. If you’re familiar with all the general paver installation steps, you know that after the fill material aka the base comes the sand setting bed. Raised patio’s are typically much more labor and material intensive making them more expensive than paver patio’s closer to ground level.
I got out there and did the prep work, bought those edger stones and put them in place, creating my patio base. I added some edging stones coming out from the deck stairs and around the air conditioner and added a thick layer of pea gravel here too.
The more greenery you have in your backyard, the cooler and more attractive your patio will become. In most instances, if you’re building a raised patio, you will be adding a substantial amount of fill material. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to excavate if your building a raised patio.
One of the best ways to achieve this is to have your shelves and furniture made to fit your patio. In the world of hardscaping (term used to describe the installation of interlocking patios and retaining walls), raised paver patios are among the most difficult installations to pull off successfully.

Pea gravel is a highly lazy gravel, which means, under heavy loads the pea gravel migrates into neighboring soils because its round in shape and small.
I see it all the time; a contractor builds a raised patio and doesn’t excavate below the frost line and doesn’t remove the top soil.
You should always use a geotextile fabric to contain all fill materials when building a raised paver patio. Leveling sand is a good thing, you will need it when you’re working with patio stones. This is caused in most cases by the pea gravel under the driveway migrating into the material below the garage floor. If there is limestone 411’s below the concrete or paver driveway but there is pea gravel below the garage floor, the limestone 411’s could work its way into the pea gravel after time. That being said, I HIGHLY recommend that you use a vibrating plate compactor to compact the base especially if you’re building a raised patio.

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