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A patio is often a central or focal part of the garden.  A professionally designed patio can be a wonderful asset and provide a beautiful yet functional area from which to enjoy the surrounding area.
As landscape designers (and hence, often, patio designers!), we frequently advise clients on some of the options and decisions to be made when creating a new patio.  We have pulled together some of the key areas to consider here. The answer to this question should help dictate the size of the patio – it needs to be large enough! As a rule of thumb, 3m x 3m is a sensible size for a typical patio with a table big enough for 4 or maybe even 6 people.  You can get away with smaller if there are less people, or if the furniture is dainty. You may also be able to keep the patio to a small size if you can overspill onto the lawn.  For this reason, beware of completely enclosing the patio with borders or walls and raised beds.

Including some form of pergola on or at the edge of the patio can be beneficial in terms of providing shade if the area is very sunny.   It can also help provide privacy where necessary, and is a means of softening the area with planting at height. A word of caution – pergolas need careful planning to ensure that the posts are sited appropriately and don’t get in the way of your patio table and chairs.  This is particularly important for small patio areas, as they can easily gobble up valuable space! Remember that if the patio is to be raised, there are safety issues to consider – you don’t want the embarrassment of having a friend falling off the edge of your patio and twisting their ankle when they leave the table at your al fresco dinner party!! Drainage requirements – particularly important if your patio is large, or your garden is prone to water logging.
On a practical note however, rectangular shapes tend to make more efficient use of space – an important factor in modern small gardens.  One option to consider is having a rectangular patio set amongst flowing, curvy borders.

It can seem a daunting task, but it’s worth spending the time getting it right – a patio is not something you want to replace every five minutes.
If you need a hand making the right decisions, or want to talk to us about incorporating a patio into an overall garden design, please get in touch – call us on 0118 934 2958.
The shape of the borders will soften the harsh lines, as will any plants which are allowed to spill over onto the patio.

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