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World-renowned for their distinguished ear flaps, our Russian Ushanka hats offer the perfect combination of masculine style and cold weather protection. Say "Da" to a new Russian style hat this winter, and learn what that frostbitten nation has long known about protecting itself against the cold. Though ushanka hats are a distinctly Russian hat, indeed, the stereotypical Russian is seen to wear one. Russian hats are often made from rabbit fur and muskrat fur, though other animal fur, such as beaver fur or coyote fur, are not uncommon for Russian hats, with particularly fine examples being made of mink fur, raccoon fur or high-quality sheepskin. Really, what makes them so special is the adaptability of the ear flaps that can be tied under the chin, on top of the crown, or around the back of the hat.
There's no match for real fur, and our Ushanka hats, also known as trooper hats, are the most stylish way to prove it.

A Ushanka is a fur hat with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown or back of the hat, or tied at the chin to protect the ears from the cold. The wearing of fur hats of similar design is common throughout China, North Korea, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The increasing worldwide demand for Russian style fur hats has prompted us to make it a priority to offer them in a wide variety of designs using a variety of fur, leather, and sheepskin choices. Also known as the Trooper hat, this style features a wide body, flat top, extra long ear flaps and a large front fur brim. A Ushanka is a fur hat whose trademark ear flaps can be tied under the chin, up to the crown or around the back of the hat. It is possible that Russians adopted this design from Mongols during the Middle Age Mongol invasion of Russia.

Featuring exteriors composed of napa, suede, or lambskin leather; we also offer our premium full fur versions. Show up at your next football match or winter campout in a startling black rabbit fur Ushanka or a black mink fur and suede trooper hat, and put your shivering companions to shame. When it comes to arming yourself with extreme winter comfort and style, nothing beats a real fur hat.
Take a peek at our selection to discover which fur combination will be best suited for your winter look.

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