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Purchasing a new home is always an adventure, whether it’s a new home or an existing home. Every new home purchase is different, and every home is going to come with a different garden set up so keep these things in mind when taking inventory or creating garden beds from scratch. Before moving into your new home, ask the previous owners for an inventory of the plants, shrubs and landscaping they have. Before changing anything look over your new property to determine if everything is in working condition, is stable, drains properly or is in disrepair.
Whether you have an existing garden in place already or your new home is without any gardens. As you plan your landscaping for your new home, remember the green you plant outside affects the green you have left inside your pocketbook. Open green spaces, particularly on the south side of your home, create snow fields … places for snow to accumulate that can reflect light back onto your home and increase the radiant heat effect.

Light-reflecting stone or concrete reflects light and heat toward your home, causing it to be warmer (or hotter) in the daytime. When searching for the perfect new home, let us know about your concerns for energy efficiency and landscape effects that contribute to lowering your energy bills.
It gives you the opportunity to get creative and put your own touch on both the inside and outside of your home. If there is a well maintained garden or landscaping already in place, chances are pretty good the homeowner will have at least a mental running list of plants they have added over the years and the types of gardens planted. If you plant leafy green trees on the southern, eastern and western sides of your home, they’ll keep your home shaded during the hot summer months, but allow warmth in during the winter when their leaves have fallen. Berms, planters, stone walls, fences and other raised elements should be at near, but not attached to, your home to create dead air space.
Once all the boxes are unpacked, most homeowners begin looking around their new home to take stock of what needs updating, repairing or designing.

If there is a lot of landscaping with a lot of maintenance involved, focus on cleaning, clearing and establishing tidy beds that are ready for planting next year.
If you plant them in front of windows they’ll reduce the radiant heat to the reaches the inside of your home. The space acts as insulation and keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by controlling how much indoor heat escapes from your home during cold weather and how much outdoor heat reaches your home in the hot seasons.

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