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Located in the 14th, this 37-acre expanse of botanical gardens and beautifully manicured lawns was created by Adolphe Alphand. Perhaps one of the most Romantic parks in Paris, Park Monceau has been the source of inspiration for many artists, including Claude Monet. Situated on the border between Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter, this beautiful and classic French garden with an Italian Twist as the Luxembourg Gardens, inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence, were created upon the initiative of Queen Marie de Medicis. Once occupied by Castle Vauvert and later redesigned into a park by Jean Chalgrin, this magnificent park boasts some of the best picnic areas and children areas in Paris.  With its centrepiece being the awe-inspiring fountain at the south end of the Marco Polo garden, this  park has a unique movement to its layout and atmosphere that is unique among the parks in Paris.
Co-existing and complimenting the Natural History Museum, this amazing botanical garden truly lives up to its name. The parks of Paris have been intertwined with Parisian culture for decades; simply taking a stroll enlightens visitors on why the city is so popular and why artists come here for inspiration.
I do love escaping into the Luxembourg Gardens and perusing the various sculptures when in Paris.
This enchanting rose garden, over a century old, is located quite near to Paris, and is, in fact, known as the very first rose garden established in the world. Structured around an axis of symmetry from Norman Hall dome, La Roseraie covers three acres and is divided into 13 gardens, containing 3,177 rose varieties, including 182 botanical varieties —certainly one of the most celebrated rose gardens of all time.
And so, the city then hired Theodore Wirth as its first park superintendent to go about designing the gardens. Quite a few rare varieties can be appreciated here, as today, the park totals 102 acres and welcomes guests with many garden areas, pathways, greenhouses, lawns, a picnic grove, a pond and recreation areas.

At Castle Howard in York, UK, one may discover a joining of fabulous architectural and captivating gardens.
Latest of all is Lady Cecilia’s garden, which was established in 1975, and dedicated in fondness to the memory of Lady Cecilia Howard herself. In total, there are about 2000 types of more modern roses, which include David Austin English roses, a must-see garden and estate for all who appreciate roses, history and England. Romantic Paris, the 'City of Lights' is a wonderful short break choice at any time of the year. Incorporating artistic displays and sculptures that draw in people of all ages, this park is a fantastic escape from the busy Parisian streets.
The park orientates itself around four themes: artifice, nature, movement and architecture. Founded and curated by the physician of Louis XIII, this gardens scientific history can be seen throughout its many boulevards and walkways. The park form the start of a compelling and impressive walk from the Louvre to the famous Place de La Concorde, with stunning views both sides as you meander down the long walkways. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of these huge expanses of greenery and tranquillity is their close proximity to the bustling city life that is efficiently prevented from interfering with the beauty of the botanical and artistic gardens. Indeed, there are Italianate trellises, hornbeam hedges and brick walls that add such a beautiful backdrop and accents to the gardens.
Such garden is brimming with fragrant old roses, Albas, Gallicas and damasks, some of which are incredibly rare and not often seen anywhere else.

Sitting down on the edge and watching Paris go by is a truly lovely experience, and the views at sunset are equally impressive.
This allows for a fantastic cultural hub to exist while also providing a relaxing spot for Parisians to unwind. There are specialists throughout the world, who devote their time, expertise, passion and pursuit of continuing the tradition of growing and maintaining a beautiful part of our history. Paris capital of chic, famous Chateaux of the Loire Valley, breathtaking gardens and picturesque villages.
Today, we take a dip into romance, as we explore ideas on how to use, preserve and give roses, as well as three wondrous and fascinating rose gardens across the globe . The park was first realized when the land owners passed, and gave their land to the city, stipulating in their will that the land be used as a park for all to enjoy. The main rose garden beautifully showcases more modern roses, however, the Heritage Rose Garden boasts lovely historical varieties.

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