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The 10 low maintenance perennials on our list will be back year after year, will save you money on watering (all are drought-tolerant!) and will eventually fill up a lot of space.
This drought-tolerant perennial often gets forgotten, but it’s the perfect addition to any wildlife habitat, with flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long.
Why we love it: Once the flowers are gone, attractive ornamental seed heads last for several weeks. These low maintenance perennials will save you money on watering and add beauty to your yard. So the next time you’re thinking about adding to your garden, stretch your dollar a little further and let our best-value plant list be your guide.

Early-spring bloomers, mostly with purple blossoms, they add an element of texture to your garden. It can grow in almost any condition, it blooms all the way until frost, and it offers lovely color both in the garden and as a cut flower. They’re sure to survive dry conditions while adding distinctive color and texture to your garden. You can choose just about any flower color you want, with cultivars offering orange, pink, red, purple and blue blooms. While it’s not the first perennial many gardeners think of, the drought-tolerant, easy-care pasque flower definitely deserves top honors.

The spiky leaves are a stunning focal point throughout the season, and tall white flowers bloom in midsummer.
The signature perennial is mostly known for its scarlet flowers, but you can also find cultivars in purple, white and pink. Ask local garden center experts for a grass recommendation, too, since they’ll know what works best in your area.

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