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Synergy Lighting has built its reputation on providing the highest levels of service, dependability and stands behind their products nationwide. When you select VOLT® low-voltage lighting systems, you get the durability and superior performance to deliver the following benefits. Improve Security - Deter intruders and prevent crime with high quality outdoor lighting throughout your property; studies prove that lighting prevents crime.
Ensure Safety - Prevent trips and falls (especially important for your elderly guests) and reduce liability with LED pathway, deck, and dock lights. Illuminate for Lifestyle & Utility - Expand your nighttime outdoor living space or backyard oasis with lighting for activities such as entertainment, relaxation, and sports.
Be Green - Save up to 85% energy cost with environmentally friendly LED lighting - VOLT® lights are certified by the International Dark Sky Association.
Lowest Prices - Factory Direct VOLT® designs, manufactures, and distributes all its indoor and outdoor lighting products - that's why prices are unbelievably low.
Highest Quality - Professional GradeWith in-house engineers and lighting experts, VOLTĀ® uses the latest LED and control technologies to manufacture the best LED lights for residential landscapes, commercial offices, and industrial spaces. Lifetime "No Hassle" Warranty on All FixturesWith solid cast brass for its LED landscape lights, and state-of-the-art components for its LED bulbs and fixtures, VOLT® extends an industry-best lifetime warranty.

Products Always in StockVOLT® Lighting's three regional warehouses are fully stocked with all products. Online Learning CenterWatch videos and read articles to learn how to select the best lights for your garden, deck, or yard - or how to install your low voltage lighting system - or how to choose the best LED bulbs for the job. For LED landscape lighting, low voltage landscape transformers, low voltage direct burial cable, multi-tap transformers or LED light bulbs, VOLTĀ® delivers the very best quality for the best price. The purpose of the device is to provide an improved method for connecting multiple lighting wires in a weatherproof enclosure..
This durable low voltage landscape light, the Brass Bully Turret Top Well Light features a low profile and produces 360? illumination across a surface.
These bulbs replace one of the most common landscape lighting bulb types with energy-efficient, high-performance products that carry lifetime warranties. The new fixture, small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, solves a host of lighting challenges. The new team provides an extra level of support to these professional landscape lighting designers.
The new products provide their customers with energy-saving operation and performance improvement compared to their outdated fluorescent lighting.

These LED fixtures are designed to replace existing incandescent or halogen bulbs and the recessed reflectors and rings that house them.
With a choice of 9" or 12" diameter shades these fixtures are ideal for gardens with Asian themes, but also work for properties with landscape structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and arbors. The installer places this conduit over wires that may be vulnerable to damage in the landscape. When installed on decks, docks, and piers, the light prevents trips and falls while deterring intruders. A garden with low-voltage landscape lighting can bring a whole new setting to the home and provide the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining.

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