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Gardening Australia did a video, well worth watching, of David de Vries’ self watering containers that he builds for the Red Cross in Alice Springs.
This spring I built a self-irrigating gutter (SIG) using two gutters based on a video by Larry Hall. If I were to do this project again, I’d also use a refinement that Larry Hall just posted in the video above. I got this idea from Larry Hall, who made a video showing how he uses gutters as self watering containers.

Next I filled the upper gutter with potting mix (note that with self watering containers you have to use potting mix, not regular soil).
A very cool improvement on the self irrigating pot (SIP) idea from Larry Hall of Minnesota. In the first part of the video Larry shows how to use a gutter to supply water to a row of pots. And all self watering containers need mulch of some kind–I just happened to have a roll of vinyl billboard material that my neighbor Ray gave me.

With a custom design you could also enlarge the upper, soil container gutter as well as creating a sealed mosquito proof lower container. Rather than the two bucket system we’ve blogged about in the past (see a roundup of our SIP resources here), Hall uses one long rain gutter to supply water.

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