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Lowe's Upper Midwest gardening contributor Rebecca Kolls offers some simple solutions to common landscaping problems. For people who have septic tanks, common issues include not only the covers but also protruding pipes or vents. Last updated : 5 November 201457 Comments A few days ago I gave you some landscape design strategies in this post, and today I have a few more ideas for you. At the nursery I decided to dig out an area where we could set our small pots.  Great idea, but that left me with a mountain of dirt that you can see in this video.  Amber made me climb the pile to do the video!

So Amber, Cathy and I started digging through the rock pile and with a sledge hammer we broke up any piece that looked to much like it was supposed to.  At we first this seemed like a crazy idea and we started fishing out broken clay tiles, pieces of concrete that had been painted, just about every kind of random thing you can think of, including a bone!  Yes, we found a big ole bone and decided that it too would go into this wall. Me and my sons loved the rubber chicken idea… only I wish I had never shown them the picture, because I threw their rubber chicken in the recycling a few weeks back!
However, with some creative muscle I've managed to learn tricks to camouflage unnatural blemishes, such as cable boxes, electric poles and even septic tank covers, and transform them into focal points that work. We’re landscaping the front of my property which is across from the creek and across a road from my house.

Not exactly pleasing to the eyes.First thing I did was remove all the grass and weeds around the concrete, lay down landscape fabric, and surround the septic covers with ornamental grass (which stands tall right through the winter months) and black-eyed Susan perennials.

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