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For over 30 years, Hyatt Landscaping has provided many types of Tree and Shrub Installation services to the Charlotte NC area. Many times, privacy plantings can help with noise reduction in addition to screening unwanted views.
Blocking unwanted views of surrounding properties is the most common reason given for installing privacy plantings. A few examples of common trees and shrubs used for Privacy Plantings in the Charlotte NC area are Arborvitae, Cedar, Magnolia, and Holly. Our mission is to share the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history.
Landscaping for privacy can be about more than not being seen while bathing in the hot tub. Screens are meant to conceal or mask unwanted sights but too often take the form of enormous hedges or unnecessarily high fences. And, yes, sometimes landscaping for privacy is simply about not being seen while enjoying your hot tub. We send out emails about once a week with contests, discounts, and the latest books (read more). If you live anywhere near an arterial or collector street, you know that traffic noise is one of the greatest generators of noise in cities and suburbs. Tall hedges, effective landscaping, smart backyard design, and natural sources of soothing white noise can all make a huge difference when used together effectively. One popular way to both provide an effective noise barrier and comply with city building codes is by planting hedges.
Hedges and trees are also an excellent way to provide your yard and home with more privacy, another common concern for those living on busy thoroughfares. Besides vegetation and acoustical fencing, there are other options for landscape design that can help make dealing with city noise easier.

The desire for privacy results in one of the most popular planting services offered by Hyatt Landscaping.
It might be that you want to create a sense of distance between the front door and a busy street, reduce noise from neighbors close by, or just hide an unsightly wall. However, they can be effective solutions to nearby noise, limited space to plant, exposure to the sun, and gardens troubled by wind or other weather-related problems, like salt air. For this, you might try staggered fence panels to allow wildlife, which don’t care what you look like in your bathing suit, access to the plants. In fact, if your home is on a busy street, or close to one, traffic noise can actually become a quality of life issue, making it difficult to enjoy time spent outdoors and even inhibiting sleep. Talking to a quality landscaper about developing the right landscaping for reducing city noise on your property is the best way go.
Tall hedges aren't subject to height limitations, and when cultivated and planned properly, and in combination with high-quality sound abatement fencing, they provide beautiful and effective sound barriers between your yard and busy streets. Be sure to talk a landscaper or nursery about choosing the right plants for your situation, space, and climate. Building a deck on the opposite side of the home from the road, for example, can seriously reduce the amount of city noise you deal with when you're grilling, entertaining, or just enjoying a good book on a warm spring day. Privacy Plantings are typically accomplished by using large maturing evergreens, although well designed buffers often include large deciduous trees, smaller evergreens and accent plants. Privacy plantings can sometimes soften the surrounding noises and create a much more peaceful place to relax. Street trees also shield us from pollution by capturing dust and other airborne particals as well as consuming excess amounts of carbon dioxide produced by passing vehicles. In the picture on the left, a fence panel and some well-placed plants keep pedestrians from cutting across the yard without blocking drivers’ views.
And, yes, sometimes a hedge, with help from some tall lilacs, is indeed the perfect solution.

Add to that the fact that most municipalities have laws in place that prohibit the construction of walls and fences tall enough to provide an effective sound barrier, and you've got a real challenge on your hands. Ideally you want a hedge that grows up without growing out, and the faster it grows the better. If that isn't an option for you, building a privacy wall or hanging acoustical fence on the street-facing side of your deck can work wonders. In most cases, simply breaking up the view can be enough to accomplish your privacy concerns.
On the right, clipped hedges, stone path, and low-walled planters instruct visitors where, and where not to, walk.
A screen can add color and may be the perfect way to hide all the things needed to maintain your yard, as this blue stucco wall does nicely. And while height restrictions can limit their effectiveness, an acoustical  privacy fence or a rock or brick wall bordering your property can still make a difference when used in conjunction with tall hedges and other sound reducing strategies.
Here, stone panels are used instead of other common fence materials and are complemented by shrubs and vines, in this case kiwi, Actinidia kolomikta.
Although they get very tall and wide over time, they will adapt to how far apart you place them.Arborvitae is another choice. This was accomplished with Norway Spruce trees and a nice landscape was created too.If you want to berm up the area where you plant the trees, this would be fine.
Once the soil is elevated, if there is any water draining from your house to the street, it will be blocked.I would recommend doing this as a solution for what you are looking for. Obviously it is more costly than just adding soil, so you will have to evaluate if it's worth it!You might be interested in my ebook Trees For Landscaping where I discuss many different evergreen trees and show photos of them.

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