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Nothing sets off your landscaped flower beds quite as well as a lovely rock or stone border.
Stone landscape edging, or some other masonry type of edging, is one that can add a more rustic feel to your yard.
One of the major drawbacks of stone edging is that it will allow weeds and grass to grow through the cracks, in between the rocks. Plastic landscape edging, however, can be damaged by lawn mowers, tractors, and even weed eaters if you are not careful. When working with metal landscape edging, you will need to have some special metal working tools and skills.

There are several different edging types available, such as stone, plastic, brick, or metal. This can be fixed with frequent applications of weed killer if stone edging is what you think will complete your design.
Our trained workmen will even cut and custom shape the stone on site in order to ensure optimum fit. Whether landscaping, hardscaping or waterscaping, we have the installation experience to meet the demands of your project.
You can get plastic landscape edging in a wide variety of colors and styles to meet any design you may have.

This edging can be found as an in-the-ground border or as metal ornaments that line the lawn, path, or other place where edging is concerned. Here is some information about each to help you make a better decision on your landscape edging.

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