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Our landscaping customer finance program gives landscaping companies the ability to sell affordable payments, attract more customers, and grow sales. First Look Approval's website integration options gives businesses the ability to integrate financing options into their online website.
First Look Approval is a consumer finance company that offers a real time decision engine to both brick & mortar and e-commerce merchants, giving them the ability to offer their customers instantaneous financing options.
We work with a variety of lenders (major banks, peer to peer lenders and consumer credit companies) to help approve as many customers as possible.
Aside from ongoing support with daily loan applications, our friendly staff can assist you with office training, marketing materials and ideas, and can even teach you how to effectively offer financing to your customers. If your customer delays payment or defaults for financial reasons, the business is not held responsible as long as procedures are followed when processing the transaction. If you own a landscape development or landscape maintenance company, you've got a constant need for new landscaping machinery. Secondly, if you structure the transaction right, the tax savings you reap can swallow most of the finance charges right up. Pros of paying cash: No finance charges and if your business has a downturn you don't have to make payments on equipment you're not using. For some equipment, if you're buying the equipment through a dealer, some dealers offer extraordinary financing deals. In order to get dealer financing, you should have good credit (720+) and some time in business (2 years or more), and it's usually only available on new or almost new equipment - the dealer can only make money offering free money if they're going to make enough from selling you equipment that they can afford to take a loss on the money. Bank financing for equipment purchases tends be to a royal pain in the you-know-what though. Cons of Bank Financing: It's hard to qualify for, and it's a long, hard process to get approved.
Most companies that finance landscaping machinery, especially older equipment that doesn't qualify for dealer financing, end up using an equipment leasing company. The biggest drawback to landscaping equipment leasing is that the interest rates aren't low.
If you're not going to be able to make enough money from having a $30,000 lawn tractor to cover significantly more than $800 a month, the tractor probably wasn't that smart of an option to begin with. Pros Of Working Capital Financing: It's easy (often an online application and uploading a few documents) and fast, and can sometimes be cheaper than an equipment financing contract.

Cons of Working Capital Financing: It's more expensive than bank or dealer financing, and sometimes more expensive than equipment leasing. Through the scoping phased, we reviewed about 200 institutions and more that 250 mechanisms that allowed us to capture the range of sources, intermediaries, instruments, entry points and revenue streams for ILM finance across the public and private sector. A range of 15 case studies (8 full cases) and less detailed case examples were used to explore the major opportunities and challenges of ILM finance.
When your customer’s landscaping project exceeds $500, turn to First Look Approval for a finance program that will fit their budget.
Featuring many unique benefits, our financing helps you attract more customers by giving your customers an affordable way to pay for your product or service.
If our finance program is implemented as a first look program, you will experience significantly more approvals than a traditional Big Bank option. Our amazingly simple online financing platform is integrated with multiple lending programs, giving merchants and borrowers alike more options when it comes to financing. That’s why I’ve built my career around helping my fellow business owners grow their companies. There can be huge tax breaks that you miss out on in the meantime if you're only buying equipment you have extra cash for. That's because the bank is cheaper - a lot cheaper - than the alternatives (other than that zero percent dealer financing we spoke of).
There's a good reason for this: since bank financing is pretty cheap, there's not exactly a lot of wiggle-room. That's because the process is easy (when compared to going through a bank) and also because most won't be able to get a bank loan. If you can buy a $30,000 lawn tractor, for example, and you will end up paying $800 a month to finance it, but your profit by having the tractor goes up by $3,500 a month, you should keep buying stuff, even at high interest rates, until buying more stuff won't increase your profits. When we work with our customers, we usually look at several options and help them select the one that makes the most sense financially. The different boxes show the array of financial mechanisms used across the range of ILM entry points (represented by different colors). Our Landscaping finance program works with any project $500 or more and features low rates, extended loan terms, and numerous 0% interest offers. You won't find the kind of hand holding support we offer our clients with a similar Big Bank finance program!

We have a diverse background in customer finance and work hard to educate our clients on how to correctly implement customer financing in their business. My hope is that this website and my company help you to grow your business and achieve your goals. Many in finance would argue that a huge part of the reason many only have a small business with one or two machines is that they are paying cash for their equipment.
It doesn't matter what the interest rate you're paying is - if you can make more money with more equipment, and the profit you can make with that equipment is more than what you are paying in payments for the equipment, it would be a good idea to buy the equipment.
With that in mind, however, it's only a good idea to rent if you won't use the equipment very often at all, since renting a $50,000 skid steer could easily run you $4,000 a month - you could finance a skid steer and, depending on your credit, pay from 25-50% of that amount - and own a skid steer at the end. If you have good credit and decent revenues, but got turned down by the bank, you can often acquire money through a private working capital company that can sometimes be cheaper than doing and equipment finance contract. The GEF is also trying to improve the predictability of finance for landscape scale strategies through institutional processes that better enable countries to design more integrated projects and access multiple sources of finance across individual convention objectives (GEF). Our financing provides you with the ability to offer your customers the purchasing power they need to complete their landscaping project today. The text at the corner of each quadrant details the different financial instruments typically utilised for each quadrant. Others are taking development more formal partnership arrangements with a mix of enabling and asset investments from different parties – but built around returns from carbon credits (regulated or voluntary markets) or without the expectation of financial returns (e.g. Direct our thinking towards the options to construct something in between that is designed in a way to attract larger scales of commercial capital. With competitive rates and fast payment turnaround times, you're able to carry on business as usual while providing a program that will help you increase sales. Private sector investment (loans, equity, credits) and partnership models for ILM ranged from those that channel finance into whole landscapes to those that are supporting and coordinating landscape objectives.

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