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Santa Fe’s Leading Irrigation CompanyScott's Irrigation is family owned by Max and Clay Scott. Landscape Design Santa Fe, NMWe are a full service landscaping design, installation, and ongoing maintenance company serving both residential and commercial clients. Creating sustainable landsites with water-wise landscaping is one of The RainCatcher's specialties. Let’s make your world greener!The RainCatcher, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializes in making your world greener, healthier and more sustainable with rainwater harvesting, permaculture landscaping, irrigation and much more. The RainCatcher designs and installs water catchment and irrigation systems utilizing rainwater, and permaculture design for landscaping, erosion control and water recycling.
Water-wise LandscapingSustainable landsites are landscapes that can grow and thrive without the constant intervention of human resources.  Most take a good amount of time to fully establish, and require a large amount of energy and resources to get started. The RainCatcher is proud to be a part of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden's team helping to manage storm water, prevent erosion, and encourage groundwater recharge for the Orchard Gardens.

The RainCatcher is honored to be a recipent of a 2014 Sustainable Santa Fe Award for Climate Adaptation — Water, given in recognition of innovators in sustainability practices. The landscaping at a commercial property is one of the first things that clients notice. Living in our high desert climate in Santa Fe, factored with an ongoing drought, high water costs, and increasing concern over environmental impact of human existence, the need to emphasize sustainable landscaping is more important than ever. Choosing the right plants suited for our high desert climate in Santa Fe can be a challenge. Hardscaping is an attractive and cost-effective landscaping option for commercial properties.
Santa Fe, New Mexico has a particularly unique climate given our high altitude location and relatively cold winters for a desert region. Sustainable landscaping is defined as a landscape management program that has developed in response to environmental issues that focuses on reducing waste and environmental impact.As any commercial property owner or manager knows, maintaining landscaping is a considerable expense.

The last few years in Santa Fe the drought has felt severe, yet, this summer season we were blessed with regular rain that was appreciated by avid gardeners and trees alike! Water sensors can be installed to monitor moisture levels, ensuring that your irrigation system does not activate when there is already sufficient soil moisture (aka a "rainy day").
These smart-system water sensors are a great choice for Santa Fe, where monsoons are unpredictable and water is a precious resource. Keeping sidewalks and parking lots clear of hazards is something a good commercial landscaping company will ensure. A professional commercial landscaping company will assess plant health on each visit and report any issues of disease or distress to management.

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