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Keep in mind that gravel can be a term used for pea-sized stones and larger river rocks but the good news is that either can be found at a local nursery or home improvement store. Decomposed granite:  Otherwise known as DG, decomposed granite is actually granite that has weathered down into smaller rocks and silt. Pea gravel: Yes, the rocks are about the size of a pea while also being rounded and smooth. River Rock: These are typically bigger rocks (seen in the photo above) that are used to create drainage, line walkways or fill planters.
Crushed granite rock:  Unlike the small size and fine texture that is sometimes associated with decomposed gravel, crushed granite rock is a little bit larger and much less smooth than say pea gravel. I would also like to see pictures of thouse who chose river rock or something similar for their pool landscape.

I used landscape fabric underneath it and still get a weed or two, but that was well worth it.
The river rocks stay solidly in place except when the kids name them and take them swimming (yes, it's happened!) Some of the pea gravel gets tracked into the pool. Homeowners often integrate river rock with mortar into home or fence facades, outdoor fireplaces and more to create a rustic look.
Lava rock also doesn’t weigh very much, meaning they can stretch the dollar a bit more should you need a a lot delivered. To prevent weeds, consider installing gravel on top of a durable, breathable landscape fabric that will suffocate weeds and allow rain to penetrate while keeping rocks from being mashed into the dirt as they are walked on. We have some beds that abut the pool on either side of the spa, and I was thinking of using stones as fill (vs.

We are waiting for our cabana to be completed in another couple of weeks and then the landscapers will move in.
Be aware that wet pea gravel can stick to bare feet, should you be using it around a pool area, for example. Lava rocks do not decompose, only requiring replacement as they are blown, washed or kicked away. Remember, lava rock is lightweight so the odds of this happening are higher than with other gravel.

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