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In the picture above, this house is desperate for both hardscape and landscape planting design.  The house dominates the relatively narrow property and to make matters worse, the grade drops off steadily on the right. Never underestimate the effectiveness of mid-size ornamental trees, especially in close proximity to the house.
I should mention too the improved psychological feeling particularly when you drive or walk down the driveway.  Just having the tree branching reaching out overhead helps immensely to make you feel more comfortable.

The foliage colors, flowering and textures of the trees and the understory plantings complement the home.  Add 2 to 3 years of growth with proper care and this home will be even more integrated with its surroundings. ABOUT Imagine having a landscape business with loyal customers that refer you because of your work and reputation. The ginkgos will get quite large and should be used for shade trees and upper canopy (aka: ceiling in the design).

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