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Be it a backyard renovation project or if you are specifically want a fire pit added to your outdoor space, these designs and ideas would definitely come in handy.
Some designs have also featured a big single container cast of a single stone and filled with pebbles to the brim with small space for the wood. To create a beautiful outdoor living space where you can enjoy the cozy heat in winters, you can build a stone or pavers fire pit. Materials and Tools Required – Tape measure, Cast concrete wall stones, Sand, Tamper, Leveler, Cap stones, Shovel, and Steel Rake. Before you plan about your fire pit building procedure, you must check and follow all the building codes in your region or local area in order to get specifications and regulations. First of all lay out the pavers in a circle shape according to the size of fire pit you have.
Once you have laid the stones and got the circle roughed out, now you have to dig a 13-14 inch deep hole. You can now pour sand into the ring of stones to cover the first layer which should be at least 4 to 5 inches deep.

This design prevents the accidental breaking of stone bowl due to excess heat as the heat is delegated to all the pebbles in there. To build a fire pit in your outdoor space, always pick a spot that has adequate desistance from your house and is away from low hanging trees, polls and other structures like patio and screened in porches. Generally fire pits are 37 to 45 inches in diameter, but I can be bigger or small than that depending on various factors. Touted of being used since early days, casted from stone bricks placed in open to combat cold and make survival in cold areas much easier, these fire pits were constructed by warriors, nomads, farmers or by families in their backyard. Mostly made in metal, according to the contemporary designs, there are pre-made fire pits and assembled fire pits. Dig the hole for fire pit carefully so that you don’t hit and damage the utility lines (Gas, Water Pipelines etc.). Pre-made ones are general ones like a big furnace, bowl shaped used to burn either gas or wood ad are more common place for having the advantage of being portable. Some of these fire pits are well ornated and made in cast aluminum, it grants that richness we have talked about.

Therefore after they laid fire pit stones they removed the rubber pavers from the inside part of the pit.
And as the name suggest, assembled version of fire pits are well differentiated from pre-made fire pits. For gas, there is a knob to control the supply and for charcoal, the base is made strong enough to resist the high heat.
Wood involves lesser complexity compared to the gas version which engulfs features like gas source, pipelining, fire glass and stones and it is made a surety that the plumbing and the source are isolated from the fire region.

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