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I got into design via Landscape Architecture, which I studied at the University of Virginia. Sam Ferris and his siblings have a passion for protecting the house where they grew up, in Spokane, Washington. Diamond Landscape Services is a family owned business that has been serving the Spokane area for the past 18 years. Diamond Landscape Services now sells high-quality Christmas lights along with professional Christmas light installation throughout the Inland Northwest.

Referrals from dozens of satisfied customers have allowed our company to grow into the Inland Northwest"s most experienced and professional landscape company. We offer top quality landscape materials, professional installation with our clean-cut and skilled labor, and outstanding customer service. The parents, Joel and Mary Ferris, owned the first modern home decor store in Spokane, called Joel, and they practiced what they preached. The Ferris family hired landscape architects who looked to Halprin's original plans to follow his intentions when working on the new yard.

Due to resistance from their chosen neighborhood, they wound up building it on land given to them by a relative, on a portion of a larger family estate.Walker was involved with the design of the headquarters of Washington Water Power, as was modernist landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. Thanks to the efforts of the Ferris family, his landscape is extremely well preserved; in fact, the property received landmark status from the Spokane Register of Historic Places in September 2012.

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