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Some Massachusetts people played nationally significant roles in conservation thinking and practice making important contributions to open-space planning initiatives.
This itinerary also highlights landscapes designed by two outstanding landscape architects from Massachusetts, Frederick Law Olmsted and Charles Eliot. The work of Charles Eliot is probably the least well known outside of the field of landscape architecture, but he made major contributions to regional open space planning.
Massachusetts has made key contributions to conservation and landscape planning and boasts numerous examples of historic sites throughout the Commonwealth that address specific aspects of a larger story.

The most ambitious regional trail proposal was the 1921 proposal by regional planning visionary Benton MacKaye for an Appalachian Trail extending from Maine to Georgia.
Massachusetts towns and cities contain protected public lands that provide a microcosm of the American conservation movement, and landmark initiatives in local and regional open space planning. The Massachusetts Conservation itinerary is a tool that is intended to help people learn to read the American conservation story through the protected landscapes that are featured in the itinerary.
Landscape architect Charles Eliot and journalist Sylvester Baxter proposed a bold new idea for a regional park system.

While the recreational trail component of the Appalachian Trail became a reality, MacKaye’s original proposal envisioned the Trail as part of a regional open space planning strategy that would use forests to contain metropolitan sprawl.

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