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We believe that a good low voltage lighting system can enhance the beauty of your landscape at night as well as help with safety. Low-voltage lighting systems use 12-volt current, similar to that used for most electric-train sets. At the heart of a low-voltage system is the transformer, which reduces household current and controls the times that the lights are on. Exterior light fixtures come in a wide range of designs to suit different areas and create different lighting effects. In addition to 12 – and 120-volt systems, some light fixtures use the energy in sunlight to provide electric light in the evening.
EPS has the ability to design with low voltage lighting system to paint an infinite palette of mood begins with full knowledge of how light works within a given space. Installation of low voltage lighting systems by our electricians follows as a sensible corollary to design.

Call EPS at (919) 270-5080 today for your lawn care, grounds maintenance and landscape enhancement needs. Landscape EnhancementsEPS provides on-going landscape enhancements to improve the quality and value of your property. Outdoor lighting is great for security, and it can add charm and magic to a walkway, patio or garden. Outdoor 120-volt lighting will need to be installed according to code and may require buried conduit. Existing residences with their structural limitations may produce low voltage lighting design challenges that are creatively resolved every day with stunning results. As caretakers of the low voltage lighting systems, we can tailor bulb replacements and other service and maintenance needs without delay via an extensive maintenance fleet. The right lighting can bring your landscape to life at night as well as help your guests see where they’re going. Some models include a photocell that can be used to turn the lights on at night and off in the daytime.

For the homeowner, 12-volt, or low-voltage landscape lighting (please click here to see our Low Voltage Lighting products for your landscape) systems have several advantages. Once installed, 120-volt systems are relatively permanent, while outdoor landscape low-voltage lighting fixtures can easily be relocated if you wish to change your lighting scheme. We also know our tools-the world’s best low voltage lighting products-and how to effectively harness them.
Much of our success is due to its long-standing familiarity with custom low voltage design practices for your residential or landscape needs. One disadvantage with low voltage wiring is that that the wires are not buried deeply and are more prone to being damaged. Low-voltage wiring is lightweight and can be laid on the ground or buried just below the surface.

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