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Park Place Pavers is a premiere landscape design and installation, hardscaping, pavers and retaining wall company that take great pride in providing first class service and quality workmanship.
CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association) Judge's Award Winner for Best California Residential Landscaping project under 150k. Competitive Edge Landscaping has a proven track record of providing creative, high quality commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services in the Sanford, FL area. Homeowners who have had the pleasure of hiring our landscaping services find that we not only produce a better landscape environment, but our services often save them money in the long run. Landscaping Pro Guys in Florida offer both interior and exterior Landscaping to our clients depending on their specifications and the advice offered to them by our Landscaping specialists. This is an area of Landscaping design specialization done by Landscaping Pro Guys in Florida and involves the services of our architect or landscape designer. Florida only has Landscaping Pro Guys as the only company that is able to do installation and maintenance of landscapes with the best architects and landscape specialists and therefore producing products that are appealing to everyone in the Landscaping industry. Landscaping Pro Guys offers landscape maintenance services as specified by the customer, some opt for weekly, monthly, three months intervals or yearly maintenance.

Landscaping Pro Guys is licensed to work in Florida and has complied with all State laws pertaining to Landscaping.
Customers can get in touch with us on 888-216-1799 for inquiries on installation, maintenance, exterior and interior Landscaping among other services offered by Landscaping Pro Guys.they can also visit our offices in Florida for a more comprehensive interaction with the contractors, architects and Landscaping designers.
Our landscaping company provides the ultimate value for our clients’ investments in a professional lawn care service. To ensure our quality is always at the highest levels, we never use outside landscape sub-contractors for any of our regular maintenance work. Our interior Landscaping involves creating an indoor environment that is captivating to make the inhabitants feel they are in their own paradise.
In installation our land scape contractors and designers add a wide range of features to site, this features include; plant material, hard scape projects such as walks and paths, walls, pools and water features.
At Competitive Edge Landscaping, we are committed to continual process improvement in every aspect of the work environment to provide the highest value to our clients.
Our Landscaping designers and architects work hand in hand with the contractors to ensure the design comes out perfect.Building design also encompasses wide range of building possibilities and designs such as small urban town house gardens to luxury estates, exterior and interior planting in office buildings and settings, hotels, hospitals and apartment buildings.

Landscaping Pro Guys workers always do proper installation which saves on time, energy and money in the long run.
Landscaping Pro Guys is the best provider Landscaping Services Florida due to its use of modern equipment, employment of high qualified staff, provision of advice and assistance to customers.Landscaping Pro Guys also provides links to the best professionals in the Landscaping industry.
Exterior Landscaping mostly involves the environment outside the site which includes gardens, footpaths, and driveways. Each comes with its own unique Landscaping design as recommended by the Landscaping designers liaising with the clients. During installation and maintenance our experts will always use appropriate construction materials, expert craftsmanship and proper horticultural planting techniques when the Landscaping entails plants to ensure long landscape end products.The best way to maintain your landscape is to hire a landscape professional and expert. With our expertise and experience in Landscaping Landscaping Pro Guys the most preferred choice in Florida for landscape maintenance.

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