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Landscaping is an excellent way to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home while simultaneously increasing its sell-on value. Install the design features around your home to create the perfect landscape you have always envisioned.
One of the main services provided by RGS Landscape Inc is professional landscape design services from top landscape design professionals. In addition to expert lawn care and maintenance, our staff is also well equipped to design and install many different types of outdoor landscape features to beautify your home or your business. RGS Landscape Inc also provides landscape planting and grass cutting to local businesses and commercial properties in the Atlanta, GA area. Dogwood Landscaping installs a wide range of architectural and ornamental products, segmental retaining walls, and interlocking pavers.

Dogwood Landscaping specializes in all aspects of Landscape Design, Installation, Hardscaping and Lawn Care. We provide a range of landscape services such as irrigation, outdoor lighting and top-dressing.
In recent years, a number of new landscaping techniques have emerged that allow us to blend beauty with practicality.
With two licensed landscape designers on staff, we can draw up and implement a landscape design that completely fits your needs and budget. We create personal getaways, private sanctuaries, and secret havens by blending shapes, textures, and colors to inspire your personal desires.
With combined experience spanning over 75 years, our designers have the knowledge to transform your lawn with the perfect design, made just for you.

We offer customized Alpharetta landscaping solutions, designed specifically for your home and vision. We believe that as people become aware of the superiority of a segmental pavement and that as we continue to require our customer's overwhelming approval of our installations, Dogwood Landscaping will continue to be a dynamic leader in an expanding industry.

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