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Gardening time should be quality time, but many seniors experience discomfort or reduced capacity in vision, flexibility, and endurance. A simple change like opting for brightly colored garden tools and implements overcomes this problem, and if you do not want to invest in buying new garden tools, you can simply paint the handles with red, yellow or other vivid colors of paint.
Best Tools for Gardening for the ElderlyTake Advantage of Assistive TechnologySpecially designed garden tools for the elderly such as like long reach implements or gadgets with adaptive grips reduce the need for stretching and conserve precious energy.
Think small but sturdy: Sturdy, child size tools fit elderly hands better and accommodate those individuals that may have shrunk somewhat in height. Ergonomic garden tools: Tool manufacturers offer implements with adaptive grips and handles for common tools like trowels, forks, and cultivators. Raised bed gardens put crops at the proper height for tending, eliminate stooping and bending, and are useful to individuals in wheelchairs.
Vertical gardens (think hanging baskets or vines running up fences or trellises) are self-contained and easier for seniors.
Container gardens are probably the most popular adaptive method of gardening for the elderly.

Tips for Planting and Watering Gardens Great Garden Plants All these are low-maintenance vegetables that need little weeding or cultivating, which makes them a perfect choice for the senior gardener. If you decide to grow one or several of the longer living perennials, you’ll cut down tremendously on your yearly gardening chores.
Easy Weed Control for Senior GardenersUtilize Mulch to Fight the Weeds Using mulch or landscaping fabric can drastically reduce or cut gardening chores like weeding. Senior Sun Safety Tips and TricksPlan to do your gardening early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid being outside when the sun and heat are the strongest, which is usually between 10 to 2.
Gardening, for instance, involves stretching, stooping, kneeling, bending, and flexing, but these actions become incrementally more challenging the older one becomes. These gadgets, some of which are oversized and perfect for decreased vision needs, have easy-to-grasp handles. Keep the containers on a sunny porch or windowsill where they can be reached easily and used for cooking.
Lugging heavy pails of water or wrestling with unwieldy garden hoses is no fun for anyone, but it is particularly exhausting and dangerous for seniors.

An invasive plant like mint, for instance, could end up taking over your garden before you realize what happened. In addition to being a great weed-ending secret, mulch also helps the soil retain moisture better and for longer periods of time, which means you will not have to water the garden as often. Working in the garden is a good way for the elderly to stay active, meet their need for some type of exercise, and keep both mind and body in better health.
For instance, consider investing in a garden stool that also stores garden implements and converts into a kneeling mat to make garden management less demanding. Squeezing them requires less effort, and they are easier to use for sustained periods than conventional items.

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