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Now that you have seen our prep work for the DIY concrete patio, we wanted to show you how we mixed, poured and finished the patio.
It took about 10 hours to finish pouring the concrete and about two more hours to finish it of completely. After we scraped it and hosed it off,  the girls saw the perfect opportunity to ride their toys on the new patio. Moments like this, where Etta took here first ride across the new patio, made all the hard work and time, worth it.
As an investment, concrete patios typically cost less than patios made of brick or natural stone because they are less labour-intensive to install. Building your own natural stone patio can be a difficult and costly task, but with concrete the job is easy and affordable. Decide what you are going to do on your patio surface and how many people you would like to acommodate. After digging out your patio shape - plus an additional 10cm for forming - set perimeter forms by securing scaffolding planks and stakes. Coat the form boards with a coat of commercial release agent or vegetable oil to prevent the concrete from sticking to the form boards.
Have a helper with a shovel spread the concrete into corners and against the forms and expansion joints. With a helper pull a screed (a long, straight plank) across the forms to level the concrete.
When you’ve finished floating, separate the concrete from the forms by running the tip of a pointing trowel between the two. Control joints can also be cut after the concrete has cured using a circular saw with a cement or masonry blade.

The great news was, that Dallin (our concrete guru) was willing to bring all the tools (besides the mixer which we rented) coach us through the prep work, and teach me while we installed the patio so that I could attempt to do this on my own in the future. Once the patio was painted on the ground and the utilities were Blue Staked, we were ready to dig. We did run into the sprinkler lines and had to redirect them under the patio in a 4″ sleeve.
One thing what worked in our favor was that the new patio will be sitting on the foundation of the house for added support.
Up against the house we tied into the existing foundation and added a expansion joint between the house and new patio.
So that is all the prep work that we did before we could start pouring the DIY concrete patio.
Regan, I didn’t get a quote, but I talked to my concrete friend and he said that it would cost thousands of dollars more to have that done. You could have ordered a concrete truck load and saved yourself a good 8 hours+ of hard labor for you and your crew and you would have ended up with a better result avoiding the need to scrape it the next day.
The lower price tag combined with the wide array of patterns and colours available make concrete an economical choice for most budgets.
Laying a stone patio involves laying each individual piece, but with concrete, it is simply poured and then stamped in sections. If you decided on a 3 metre x 4 metre patio, that means you must remove quite a bit of soil. Then slide the cutting edge of an edger along the forms to round over the patio edge, making it less likely to chip. Raise the leading edge of the float slightly as you work to avoid making likes on the surface of the concrete.

In the last two decades we have built a new room, covered our patio and transformed it into a Braai area, built a double car garage and transformed our old garage into a two bedroom town house that my mother and father now use for a house as my fiance and I have moved into the main house. Not only is installation simpler and more affordable, but stamped concrete patios and walkways are more durable than actual stone, there is no need to worry about loose or cracked pieces.
Sometimes you have no choice but to let your garden drain onto your new patio, but ideally the patio should drain away from the house.
If the concrete cases the wire mesh to sing, pull it up with a rake so that it’s in the middle of the slab. Concrete as a building material can be very economical if you can tackle the labour yourself and is still a very solid choice if you are paying for part or all of the physical work as well. If your garden is very small you may want to limit the patio to devote more area to green space. While building a natural stone patio can be a difficult and costly task, with concrete the job is easy and affordable, as it is simply poured and smoothed. You have to fill the pipe holding the goal with concrete which can be tricky pouring concrete 8′ in the air but with one of those pump trucks, it will be a breeze and avoid wear and tear on the yard. Work a bull float back and forth with the blade flat against the surface to smooth and compact the concrete.
Not only is installation simpler and more affordable, but concrete patios and walkways are more durable than actual stone - there is no need to worry about loose or cracked pieces.

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