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My totems were featured in the April 2009 Woman's Day Special Publication called Gardening & Deck Design. Use cut glass, colored glass or glass with patterns so that you don't notice if condensation forms inside the totem. Along with the written instructions, I have provided a video walk-through so you can see how easy this is in real time. In addition to a decorative garden totem, you can also make a glass bird bath by adding a shallow bowl or plate on the very top. Check the product reviews of the sealant you choose and make sure the product is fresh (check date on label).
I have tips here to make sure your adhesive (really, it’s a sealant) will bond properly.

Hi Melissa, I’m stopping by from Hometalk, love your glass vase totem, so cool and unique!!
Thank you for making a video on how to do this; it was very helpful because I am a visual learner. I loved what you did I would like to know how to make a glass garden and what kind of glue to use out side in the sun I live in Arizona. Please tell me how to keep the wings (banana split boats) to the sides of a vase to make an angel. Some people suggest using a marine glue to help reduce this, but I don't like how the glue turns cloudy or yellow over time; Lexel does not do that.
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Just make sure you keep the bird bath water area easy to clean and never use anything deeper than an inch or the birds can slip and drown.
When your totem or bird bath is ready, bury the base in a few inches of soil to hold it steady. My soon to be mother in-law wanted to make some of these and now I have a good idea on how to do it! I cannot be responsible for how your totems turn out and if you want to sell them, then I'd suggest you make a few and see how it goes before committing to them for a scheduled craft show.

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