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Sure, you can start a landscaping company, but the opportunities in the landscaping industry go far beyond designing landscapes.
As an instructor, you don’t necessarily need to be the most experienced gardener, as long as you offer a program that delivers value and fun.
Show homeowners how you can save them money over time with a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant yard, and many will listen. Getting your book published (especially in digital format) has become exceptionally simple and inexpensive. Your online store can sell vertical garden kits or supplies – or gardening items totally unrelated to vertical gardening. For more new business ideas for small and home-based companies, visit The New Business Idea. Remember that landscaping is hard physical work that sometimes demands working in extreme conditions.
Talk to an attorney, accountant or other reputable adviser about how to start a landscaping business.
Get the necessary insurance for your vehicles and workers, as well as liability insurance to cover damages that may occur during your gardening services. Hire someone to do office work or learn how to handle business basics like accounting and marketing.
Today, there are lots of niche markets on which you can focus, such as vertical gardening or backyard putting areas for golf enthusiasts. People are constantly looking for new hobbies to start or ways to try new things or meet other people. Start by contacting your city to find out the procedure for listing and teaching your class.

You can teach virtually any subject using very inexpensive tools, and for many courses you don’t even need a teaching credential.
Many DIY homeowners are looking for ways to complete basic landscaping projects themselves so they can save money.
This business is essentially run the same as a traditional landscaping business, but targeting a specific niche market.
Of course, you could start a service-based business selling your services, but you could also write and publish a digital book for do-it-yourselfers. With ebooks, production costs are minimal, so you can sell them for less money and potentially sell more of them – while still maintaining a high profit margin. In fact, if you want to sell products online, you don’t even need to build your own online store.
Beyond the basic gardening services like mowing, weeding and fertilizing, you can work as a landscaping designer or do advanced installations and planting.
In the beginning, you may want to charge lower prices to build up referrals and portfolio work, but make sure you cover your expenses and time. You may also need permits to do some landscape work like grading and concrete, so ask what the requirements are. You'll need to find out how to set up your tax structure and how to handle accounting and taxes. You also have the option to start a service-based business, sell retail products, teach, write or sell. If you like working hand-on and being outdoors but prefer to work from home, this line of work could be for you. You could offer an online program explaining how to do basic projects, and you can even use online video demonstrations.

For example, you can market unique, handcrafted gardening decor or products on websites like Etsy and reach thousands of potential customers. If you have a green thumb and can do heavy labor, finding out how to start a landscaping business is the first step toward working at a job you love.
However, if you have skills and experience as a landscaping designer, you can sell different gardening services.
You may also need backhoes, riding mowers and other large equipment depending on the services you offer. Most recently, she’s been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions. Look into vinyl decals or painters to put the name of your landscape business on your truck and vehicles. Ask permission to put up signs with your company name and number on lawns where you've provided landscaping and gardening services.
That's the beauty of this site." To new editors, she advises, "If you've got an interest in almost anything, use the articles to give you some ideas on what can be done, and what else you want to contribute to.
You can jump in the deep end with both feet like I did… with major edits and a lot of articles started that others never thought to add before, or go into the shallows and develop ideas on what you want to get started on.

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