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I also discovered that I could satisfy my love of gardening by planting flower beds and began “taming the wilderness” on our half acre lot. This site is for all Houston area gardeners to post their tips, questions, comments and photos of their gardening successes and frustrations. For metro Houston, fall tomatoes should be planted between July 15-31 and provided with shade from the afternoon sun until established.

The challenges of gardening on our property included rocky, sandy soil, and the abundance of rain and shade.
Because I have a very productive home garden, several people asked me to make a website where they can get gardening tips for the Houston area. Bob Randall who was the founding executive director of Urban Harvest, has been gardening in Houston for 30 years.

Since we want to encourage beneficial microbes in organic gardening we need to work on revitalizing our soils a few weeks before planting time.

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