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As their name suggests, garden spiders are most commonly found in gardens, meadows and clearings. The most important determining factor in the dwelling place of the garden spider is the presence of twigs, trees, branches or plant leaves on which to construct webs.
The garden spider also uses its extraordinary sense of touch for mating, as males tap upon the webs of females to express their intent. In autumn months, garden spiders lay their eggs in silken sacs that contain between 50 and several hundred eggs. Garden spiders typically live for about one year, according to the National Wildlife Federation. Garden spiders will spin webs in plants, in porch overhangs, between trees, and in other outdoor spots.

The silver garden spider lives in warmer regions of North America, such as California and Florida, and is even sometimes found in Argentina.
The silver garden spider’s web is especially likely to have a heavy zigzag pattern, called the stabilimenta. Even garden spiderlings are capable of spinning these intricate structures without the assistance of mature spiders. After prey becomes entangled in the web, garden spiders immobilize their victims and drag them to the center of the web. The garden spider’s egg sac is relatively spherical, although one end is narrower than the other. It is unlikely that bites would occur unless someone disturbed a female in her web or gave reason for a garden spider to feel threatened.

It looks similar to the silver garden spider’s, but is less prominent in the web, according to Sewlal.
Garden spider egg sacs are nearly the size of adult garden spiders and are attached to webs. When spiderlings hatch, they are thus in close proximity to captured prey and will not go hungry. Female garden spiders die soon after laying their eggs and are not able to protect or assist their spiderlings.

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