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While it’s too early to know for sure, the early signs are that we are going to have a VERY successful first attempt at our square foot gardening. The boxes we used were based on the plans of a self-watering garden box in the April issue of The Family Handyman. My wife and I live in Flower Mound and are trying the square-foot method in raised beds this year as we did not have much success with our first garden last year.
It’s from the Coppell Community garden, they have a lot of useful info on their site. Any trees or bushes that you put in can be edible, expanding the use of your garden (not just in your raised beds). Whether you are doing a traditional or square foot garden, having a plan helps everything run more smoothly.

If you have a hard time using Excel, you might try this garden planner–it is free for 30 days! I raised my first garden last year in raised beds and have transitioned them over to do square foot gardening this year. For traditional gardens, row length and width may vary, but with all the square foot gardening plans you find on my site, one square is one foot. I have just been winging it with my garden and through some flowers in my raised beds so not to waste the bulbs this past fall. I just finished building a couple self-watering garden boxes based on plans in The Family Handyman magazine from this month’s issues. I’m no gardening expert, but I think it took a few years for the soil composition to work itself into something the plants like. It was a fun project and I’m pretty confident they will do much better than the ground based garden we did last year.

To get your kids excited about gardening, plants and nature, do what we do in our community garden. If I keep the plan in exact proportions, to make it wide enough to add text makes it too big to see all at once. We add some compost each year before we plant, along with a bag of some miracle grow soil mixture, and each year our garden has gotten a little better and better. So just realize that the first few years will have issues, you’ll be able to learn from them, and your garden will just get that much better each year.

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