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Wood fencing adds a bit of rustic charm to your yard and you can probably find plenty of usable material in the woods near your home.
Bamboo fencing is gaining in popularity because it is strong, beautiful and a renewable resource. Depending on the size of your garden, a short brick or cinderblock wall may be all you need to keep your vegetables safe. Similar to using stone, brick or cinderblock will reduce your flexibility as far as moving your garden, but if you're happy with its location, these materials are inexpensive and can last for generations.

The easiest way to take your mind off of your tomato assassins is to install a garden fence to keep them out.
Keep in mind that wherever you construct your stone garden wall, that will be where your garden will be located for many years to come, unless you feel like moving all of those stones again, of course. But, by cutting it and using it to make garden fencing, you can not only have a sturdy fence but keep your yard looking tidy at the same time. Picket fencing does require routine maintenance, like painting, for it to maintain its demeanor and charm.

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