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Whether your garden consists of one or two planters, a large acreage, or anything in between, a good design will maximise the potential of your space. This article provides an overview of three of the dozens of innovative planning tools that are just a click away. With both a desktop app and an online version, Garden Puzzle makes it easy to explore different designs for your garden space.  You start with a photo of your garden. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and now iPad, Garden Planner from smallblueprinter makes it easy to drag and drop buildings and plants and create paths, fences, and paving. While the short animated introduction makes it easy to learn how to use this handy planning tool, you can communicate directly with the designer of the program if you have any questions. By the way, if you want to add garden rooms and furniture, you can use smallblueprinter’s floorplanner. A supplier of quality garden plants, Plantify offers both a custom garden design service and a do-it-yourself garden design tool. With spring just around the corner now is a good time to design a new garden or improve your existing one. Now it’s your turn to plan your garden online, don’t forget to send us your designs!
The garden planner app on the iPad is great, just drag and drop the elements you want, perfect for gauging ideas with the space that you have available in your garden, cant say that I have used the others, but I will have to check them out. Designing your own garden can be a rather scary process, whether you sit down and plan it all out or make it up as you go along. The tool is the creation of former entertainment software executive Peter Laughton, who says: “In my previous job most of my staff were under 30. If you’re planning a full redesign of the garden and would like some professional help without breaking the bank, you could consider heading online. David Stevens, who has won Best in Show at the Chelsea Flower Show three times, offers a similar service via email, and Kathryn Pledger and her husband Dean are two clients who have commissioned a design in this way. Two more to try: If you just want to revamp a bed rather than transform the entire garden, there are a number of designers who offer planting plans for borders. If you’re looking for a quick and simple fix for the garden, it might be worth considering a package operator. Then you drag and drop plants, lawns, paths, and other garden features on top of the photo.

You can even switch between the four seasons to see what your garden will look like year round. And with uploaded designs from members for inspiration, you will have plenty of ideas to get you started. That’s because the system uses Google maps to locate your garden and define the boundaries.  The software even calculates the orientation of the sun based on your location so you can see the cast of the shadows at different times of the day. The database suggests plants that fit your garden space, your soil and climate conditions, and your design needs.
You know your garden and what you want it to look like better than anyone else; use these tools to design the garden of your dreams. The on line designing your garden is one of good idea because you can get so many unique designs and furnitures . You could either call in a professional garden designer to manage the project or do it yourself with sweat, tears and squared paper. Now though, there are a number of online tools which are aiming to make it easier to achieve a look you’ll love. To get started, instead of measuring out the garden by hand in the traditional way, DIY designers just enter their postcode and highlight their garden on a Google map. At first, they all thought I was a bit odd because I was into gardening but gradually I persuaded a whole bunch of them to get into it too. The developing design can be viewed in ‘realistic’ mode so “people can quite quickly create something that’s graphically pleasing,” he says.
A number of designers are using the web to offer a remote service to owners of small gardens who are happy to look after the building and planting work themselves.
The fee for a design commissioned through their standard service would normally be four to five times higher according to Chris, before the costs of sourcing, project management and other elements are added in.
When they moved into their two-bedroom flat in Camberwell, they wanted to re-do the garden without spending a fortune, as they knew they would be moving again within a few years. Philippa Pearson, the garden designer and writer, will create a design complete with an annual maintenance schedule for between ?180 and ?400 depending on the size of the border. There are various fruit and vegetable garden packages to choose from, some specifically for containers, and you can even sign up for the subscription service, which includes five deliveries of plants over the course of the year.
From this, an outline plan of the garden is automatically created which comes with useful information such as the garden’s orientation and graphics showing where sun and shade will fall at different times of the day and year.

They initially intended to design the garden themselves but found the process to be trickier than they’d first thought.
If you want to go it alone, web tools are making some parts of the design process easier to navigate, but equally, if you feel in need of professional advice, you can commission a design online at a much lower cost. For example, as more people use the site, the system will start recommending plants based on combinations used in other designs in the same way that sites such as Amazon or i-Tunes suggest books, music or films. Garden owners send over a survey of their space along with details of their requirements and receive a design for their garden which they can go on to create themselves.
Jekka’s Herb Farm, for example, offers bespoke planting plans for culinary, medicinal and scented herb gardens. And if you want a really quick and easy way to create a good-looking space, you can even order pre-packaged borders and gardens – all you’ll need to do is open the box and get planting. The system can be used to find plants that’ll suit the garden’s conditions (meaning they should do well) as well as its style and colour scheme. And if you don’t have much gardening knowledge, you have to gain all that before you start,” says Kathryn. He says, “I came up with the Garden On A Roll concept a few years ago while helping a school with some planted borders. The couple explored the possibility of hiring a garden designer to manage the project in the usual way but decided this option was outside their budget.
The couple measured up their garden, took photos and made a list of their requirements which included plenty of space for entertaining and a low maintenance, flower-filled planting scheme. This month, the company has launched a new edible border design which includes a soft fruit plant, herbs and vegetable seeds – it can also be ordered with a raised bed kit.
We could have wasted so much money buying things because we liked them but which wouldn’t have survived in our garden,” Kathryn says.

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