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In this article we examine some of the design principles you might think about using when planning your garden, it should give you some food for thought!Intro: The fact that a design looks attractive is usually not a matter of chance.
Without order, a design becomes fragmented into unrelated parts that results in a disjointed, uncoordinated appearance.
Unity can be defined as the harmonious relationship among all elements and characteristics of a design.
This is a garden in Holland, and whilst the size and shape of the flowers are very similar, interest is created through the different flower colours. February 19, 2013 by Mary Palmer Leave a Comment We’re celebrating 40 years in landscape design!  Join us for a special garden design event in Charleston, SC…Come take YOUR garden to school!
The more formal designs in landscape architecture also have their historical roots in classical proportions, although now they are rarely taught.

The creative use of the tools of visual art lies in designing a visually stimulating landscape using the four art elements (line, color, form and texture) and the broader principles of design such as proportion, scale and focalization. In honor of Dargan Landscape Architects 40th Anniversary in 2013, Elements of Outdoor Rooms, harkens to our early design practice in Charleston, SC. Visually pleasing compositions are usually a result of a well thought out, disciplined effort partially based on a set of Design Principles. In addition to the overall design, unity can be spoken of in terms of form, material, colour and texture. For most landscape architects working on residential projects, determining proportion is largely a matter of sensing and intuiting, through training one’s eye, how to create harmonious spatial relationships between the parts of a design and the whole.
By visiting notable landscapes, photographing, sketching and studying the plans, you will build a strong foundation for your design.

If you study the most renowned sites and classic examples of architecture and landscape design, you will internalize a feeling for proportional relationships that look and feel right.
Dargan archives at the South Carolina Historical Society house hundreds of our courtyard and outdoor room designs, many of which exist today and hold lifestyle tools useful to properties anywhere.

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