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Here are more examples of garden art from a few of our projects.You can also browse through the portfolio page and other photos found within our web site. Here we are presenting you really amazing and fantastic collection of ideas for decorating stylish and visualizing garden decoration themes and ideas. The landscape design called for a set-back front fence constructed of painted pine slats and capped with rustic hardwood timber capping to tie in with the house architecture.
These garden accessories are very greatly managed using designing techniques and are made just by keeping your comfort level in mind.

With stainless steel trellising used to sculpture Star Jasmine around a Moroccan inspired wall art.
The garden provides a unique street appeal and is the cause of much interest with locals in this popular Burraneer street.
Although this one is located in the city of Nantes in France botanical garden, if your residence gives you the luxury of a big yard, nothing can stop you from attempting to fashion one such topiary. Please find inspiration in this project and contact a local artist if you want the same impact with your garden.

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