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10 front garden design tipsMake a great first impression with our front garden design tips. It should go without saying that the design of a front yard must be in harmony with the architecture of your home. If all you want to do is define your boundaries, opt for a simple garden bed or low-growing hedge. A front fence is yet another significant differentiation between designing front and backyards.
Stroll up and down your street a few times, noting how the space looks as you approach it from either side, and from across the road. This can be achieved in various ways, from matching colours and materials to using decorative features in keeping with the home’s design.
You want garden paths that allow you safe passage to the front door, which means no overhanging foliage, awkward turns, or hard-to-negotiate steps.

Since most front gardens are on show all the time, the easier it is to maintain, the better. This is especially so if you have security concerns or if your back garden is small and you need to use your front garden as an outdoor living space. In addition to thinking about the style and type of fence so it visually relates to the house — and ensuring access to the house is not diminished — there are council regulations to be considered (especially if the fence is on the front boundary of the property). It claims quite a large proportion of most front yards so you don’t want it to look like a soul-less landing strip. Most of us tend to see our front yards from either the path that takes us from the driveway or garage to the front door, or from inside the house looking out. A period house is a good example of the importance of matching the design of the front garden to the home. Even if you tend to access your house through the garage or the backyard, your front door is the main entry point for visitors so the area around it needs consideration.

You don’t want a high-maintenance area and a messy, overgrown front yard quickly becomes a neighbourhood eyesore. Choose pavers that complement the exterior facade of the house and any garden paths you may have. Seeing how others view the space from the street will help you achieve a balanced design that complements the look of your home and the overall streetscape. The front garden will best relate to the residence if it features construction materials and plant species specific to that period.

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