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The flower bed was part of a new, spiffed up Bailey Avenue entrance to the parking lot that was rebuilt last year.
The man didn’t want to be identified Friday morning when he was pulling overgrown weeds, but was frustrated that the beds had been neglected. As the above photo shows, we had a very overgrown-looking area with a gigantic tumbleweed-looking thing. The front of this area had a piece of very old, very rotten wood as a border, so I scooped that up and removed it. And with both of those old mismatched borders gone, it was just a matter of pulling out various weeds and roots, and then loosening up the soil in preparation to plant some new stuff there.
We first caught a glimpse of these guys back in this post, when they were first sprouting up in a very very overgrown flower bed. A lush flower garden can take your breath away, but an overgrown garden will leave your plants fighting for room to breathe.

Things You'll Need Layout Soil test Flowers Retainer wall Drainage system Garden statuary and accents Instructions Examine the garden space. In previous summers, the tumbleweed thing has greened up into a lovely plant with yellow flowers (you can see it blooming in this post) but it was just getting too big and overgrown, so I trimmed it down some. We still need to put down some mulch, and add some more flowers and such, and hopefully that bush will come back in spite of the severe trimming it got.
This will open up the flower bed and rejuvenate the remaining plant, helping it grow stronger and bloom more prolifically. I would probably plant some tulips there, but that’s because they are my favorite flower. If your flower bed is overgrown with weeds, sprawling vines and spreading perennials, don't despair: A little -- OK, a lot -- of digging, dividing, pruning and mulching will get your garden back into shape.

Pull them as carefully as possible so that you don't scatter seeds, and try to keep the roots intact so that new weeds don't sprout from roots left behind.
I have been feeding the rabbits all sorts of weeds, too, but sadly, I think we have to break down and mow, before the neighbors complain!

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