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If you build the fence yourself, be honest with yourself as to your experience, and knowledge in building a well designed, attractive, and functional fence.
But the simple facts are you, need to have many, many years of experience to draw up a detailed blueprint for your decorative, or privacy fencing, also the knowledge in how to properly build a fence that will look great, but most importantly stand the test of time.
Here the sky is almost the limit from; wood, vinyl, chain link, split rail, metal, aluminum, privacy, semi privacy, composite, wrought iron, iron, cedar, pasture, picket, lattice, or deer fencing. A 3-rail fence is the most cost efficient option when it comes to buying a high quality farm fence at a great price. If you are building a cedar, or wood privacy fence, always use wood screws to attach the two by fours to the Galvanized metal fence post.
Your average homeowner is not going to stain their cedar, or wood privacy fencing every 2 years, or go to the expense of hiring a professional fencing contractor to stain the fence.
Now that you have done your fencing homework, and hired a professional fence built, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a job well done.
Hercules Fence is considered the best fencing company in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Greensboro, Jacksonville, Triangle, Fort Bragg, Camp Legeune, Seymour Johnson, and Charlottesville, North Carolina, NC. Use the natural slope of the terrain to produce awe-inspiring architectural artwork with a retaining walls that beautifies your exterior. Lifetime Fence & Roofing Company specializes in new fence construction, fencing repair, new roofing and roof repair. You could hire a professional fencing contractor to build a very beautiful, and structural, privacy vinyl fence for your back yard landscaping.  Or you could have a chain link fence installed, to help keep your animals in. I strongly blame the DIY shows, and information out there for the vast majority of screwed up fences, in most yards. Well this is very true, but also happy neighbors who also want a similar type of fencing may also chip in on the money to build the fence.

Hopefully your property has already been surveyed, and you can find the survey stakes with a metal detector, this is not a fencing problem, and you simply build the fence a few inches in on your property.
A typical 3-rail horse or cattle fence is about $7-$8 per foot depending on the distance needed. For a 5 or a 4’ foot tall privacy, or semi privacy cedar, or wood fence, you should only use two 2 x 4 stringers.
If you are looking to accent your landscaping designs, make grade changes, or solve erosion control problems, we offer many custom styles and color options for retaining walls.
But the primary knowledge needed before you start your fencing project is pretty universal, anywhere. No mater the fencing you choose to have built, your decision to hire a professional fencing contractor to install your new fence will definitely add a great deal of benefit to you, and your family for years to come. You definitely do not want to spend a bunch of money on your new fence, only to find out you will have to pay a fine, by the city, or pay to tear the fence down.
Even if your neighbors will not help with the money, you have the rights by law to build what ever type of fence you want, as long as it complies with the local fencing rules.
Now if you have no survey, you could pay thousands, not to mention the time to get the survey done for your fencing job.
Once again get the recommendations of your professional fencing contractor, as to what type of fencing he personally recommends, for both warranty length, and budget. The fencing nails in nail guns, are almost impossible to come out, because they are grooved on the sides to hold them in.
Your wood fencing will not loose its structural, if you built it the way I recommend above, but the side boards will fade, and shrink a little. Our retaining walls are built to be extremely durable and resilient under even the harsh Texas weather conditions.

Along with sloped landscapes where water runoff causes hillside erosion, ideal locations for a retaining wall include spots downhill from soil fault lines and where the downhill side of a foundation is losing supporting soil or its uphill side is under pressure from sliding soil. So it is a very important decision you make, weather to build the fencing yourself, or hire a fencing contractor. Also remember some neighbor hoods do have additional fencing regulations, on what type of ; wood, vinyl, chain link, split rail, metal, aluminum, privacy, semi privacy, composite, wrought iron, iron, cedar, picket, pasture, lattice, or deer fencing, you are allowed to have your fencing contractor install.
Its up to you, but I would personally rather have a happy neighbor, even if it may mean changing my fencing plans slightly, to make them happy. If you do not do a survey, you must get your neighbors involved in where you will build the fence.
Remember that what ever fence you choose to build, they will be looking at it every day, and may be thinking up new and innovative ways to make your life a living hell, if they are not happy with the fence.
Remember you might have a good neighbor, right now who says build the fence where ever you want to build your fencing, and use what ever wood, vinyl, or chain link fencing you want. Then a new person buys your neighbors property, and does a survey, and the fence has to be removed. We can offer ornamental steel in between brick or stone columns, around a pool, in a retaining wall, or simply to provide perimeter security.
Also by law if the fence sits there for more than 7 years, it is probably going to stay their, no mater where the property lines are.

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