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A decorative garden fence serves an aesthetic purpose, while also clarifying the boundaries of the property or of a section of it.
TIP: Our expert gardening advisor, Kathy Bosin adds, "In most US jurisdictions, a building permit is required in order for a homeowner installs a fence of any kind. An iron garden fence is usually made of steel but is designed to look like authentic wrought iron. In general, a small iron garden fence will be supplied in panels, about 3 feet square, with a spear post at each end that is driven into the ground. Nexan Building Products ProWay® aluminum fences complement any home with a decorative, distinct appearance. Kathy has designed and developed over 100 nationally recognized community gardening programs for schools and volunteers throughout the country.

Many families feel safer if their children are fenced in while playing in the yard and others want to ensure that curious pets aren't at risk of running into the road. Winding tendrils around the spokes or placing hanging baskets along the visible side can also enhance the visual appeal of your decorative garden fence. It is an ideal way to integrate plants into your decorative garden fence as creepers can loop their tendrils through the various holes, creating an attractive visual feature. A classic white picket fence makes a charming addition to any garden, especially when paired with a matching arbor and gate.
Currently, she is the associate publisher of the Talbot Spy, which covers local news on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Whatever the reason for your decorative garden fence, there are several choices when it comes material, color, shape and size.

Post center to center dimensions must be incredibly accurate, while expansion and contraction needs to be accounted for.
Composite wood is a wildly popular version of wood-like vinyl fencing and is noted for the amazing levels of durability that it possesses.

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