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Acorns, the nut from oak trees, are a commonly harvested food that are eaten raw or used in recipes. Harvest acorns from red and white oak trees as soon as they fall off the trees, if possible. If you find any acorns with tiny holes in them, this is a sign that insects have been inside them. If you are air drying the acorns, make sure it is somewhere free of squirrels, insect larvae, and other harmful stuff.

1.) if you put all the acorns in a big bowl of water the ones that sink should be fine, the ones that float most likely have worms in them! They are quick to harvest the best acorns, and you will see them actively hunting when the acorns are ripe. Drying them for crafts will kill the insects so it is up to your discretion whether you want to save these acorns.
However, drying acorns for eating is usually done by letting them sit out and air dry over a period of weeks or months.

Whatever acorn crafts you have in mind, there are a few best practices to follow when drying acorns for crafts.

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