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Back in the Middle Ages, the cottage garden had a very definite role as a source of home-grown vegetables and medicinal herbs.
But even if you don’t live in this rural idyll, it’s easy to create a cottage garden simply by combining suitable plants with the right structures and accessories. Achieving the cottage style look isn’t as hard as you might think it’s simply a matter of mixing together flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours. The quintessential cottage garden plant is a climbing rose twining round an arch or a doorway. Hardy annuals are a cottage garden staple because they flower prolifically in every colour from early summer to the first frosts.
Don’t worry about matching colours and heights, cottage gardens are all about creating a riot of colour.

If you don’t live in a cottage, it’s easy to give a modem house the lived-in look using climbers and natural wood supports. Brick paths create the most genuine cottage look, but to avoid having to lay individual bricks, try red rustic brick paving that won’t need weeding as often as bricks. One of the hallmarks of the cottage garden is the cottage that goes with it, so if you can give your back door a country look you’re halfway there.
Drill six holes for wall plugs and screws and attach the hurdle with strong copper or galvanised garden wire. If you don’t have the budget to change the basic ‘ construction of walls and paving, cottage gardening allows you to at least conceal them with climbers and soft-edging plants, so you can achieve a countryside style even in the city.
For the quintessential cottage garden plant, choose climbing roses around a doorway or arch.

By Autumn they’ll have spread seeds around your garden that will flower the following year. Best of all, because plants of all shapes, colours and sizes can be mixed together, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete gardening novice. Ideally, the boundary should be picket fencing or native hedging, but you can disguise standard larch lap with pastel paint shades such as Ronseal’s Rich Jade and Blue Mist Next, erect wires or trellis for large-flowered clematis hybrids to clamber up.

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