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This year besides the 400 Im growing in the ground I have 15 in containers just for comparison. A few weeks ago when my ground planted peppers were lagging behind I was thinking the advice I got last year was sound and maybe I might rethink things for next year. Its been a few weeks since that time and things have changed.Although my container plants are taller and actually very impressive my in ground plants although being shorter have grown out much much fuller and are just blowing away the container plants as far as pod set and overall vigor. I've tried (for years) growing peppers in the ground here in Chicago and had little to no luck, 1-2 peppers per plant, even for Jalapenos and sweet bell peppers. I think they like to be root-bound in pots, and in ground, they reach a point where they stop growing and start producing, kinda like determinate tomatoes.

Let me amend this one bit: my habaneros are performing better in-ground than my containers ever did. I planted two ghost peppers, one in the ground with a mixture of MG soil, native soil and perlite. Being my first year growing peppers, I have taken an all out experimental approach in regards to in ground vs. Like I said before container growing is new to me and Im impressed by all the effort fellow members put in to make it work.
I find that my plants of years past in containers have been more robust, with thicker foliage and greener foliage.

If you grow in giant pots, then you're actually growing in mini raised beds, much closer to in-ground gardening. In the ground with my conditions seems to be much more productive then containers I must just guess Im lucky to be in the zones Im in.

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