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Pollinators and Pesticide Stewardship, Penn State Cooperative Extension: download the Powerpoint presentation from the Penn State Pesticide Education website. Volunteer graphic artists help develop visual aids to be used in presenting Extension programs. EMGVs who would like to use their writing talents can prepare timely horticulture articles for local newspapers, Extension newsletters and websites, and help prepare gardening publications for distribution through the local center. Keep in mind that people who read printed material distributed from the local Extension center will assume it is the official recommendation of Extension and NC State.
Hone in on the aspect of gardening you want to write about: compose essays on the philosophy of gardening, profile a particular plant, or highlight obscure topics, such as mycorrhizal fungi.
One of the most valuable ways of assisting Extension and the public is by answering phone calls in the Extension center. Volunteers may also need to assist walk-in clientele who have horticulture questions and to mail Extension brochures upon request.
Improper introduction—EMGVs should identify themselves as Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. EMGVs who would like to work at plant clinics help examine plant specimens brought in by the public, diagnose problems, and make recommendations in compliance with Extension recommendations and approved practices.

Work with Extension agents and EMGV graphic artists to create plant clinic promotional materials. They may take photographs and assemble PowerPoint presentations, design posters or flyers, or create advertising material for upcoming Extension programs.
To protect credibility and to make sure the material is up-to-date and accurate, the Extension agent should review all printed material.
The Extension agent or someone on staff should be able to tell EMGVs how to use the phone and log calls. Possible sites for these clinics are libraries, recreation centers, shopping centers, Extension centers, and farmers markets. A container garden can enhance an entranceway, solve a landscape challenge or beautify a deck or patio, or add elegance around a pool. If there is a need for food and nutrition education in your area, please contact your local UMaine Extension county office. Possible projects include starting a garden contest, training a judging team, and promoting a gardening photography or poster contest. All recommendations must be consistent with current research findings and literature provided by Extension.

This is not necessary when using Extension materials to prepare or adapt them for a new Extension publication, although credit should be given to the original author and publisher. It is also helpful to have another person review the material and to send a copy to the appropriate state Extension specialist for review. Answers should be consistent with current Extension recommendations, Extension literature, and reference books at the Extension center. Learn how to choose your container, design a container planting and maintain your mini garden throughout the garden season.FALL PLANTING OF SPRING BULBS (PowerPoint Lecture)Fall is a great time to start thinking of the following spring and how you can make your gardens beautiful with spring flowering bulbs. All articles will be distributed free of charge to local media with Extension identified as the source. Small-scale composting is easy to do and the finished product is a great soil amendment for landscape and gardening use.LAWN CARE & OUR ENVIRONMENT (PowerPoint Lecture)This in-depth lecture will give you all the information you need to show off your lawn to your neighbors. This is also a chance for the homeowner to become more informed so that they can have meaningful discussions with their landscaper.PERENNIAL GARDENING (PowerPoint Lecture)Herbaceous perennials are plants that bloom year after year.

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