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More than likely, you have thrown away or stored most of the business cards you were handed without giving them more thought. But on occasion, they can come in very handy: at conferences, when we meet face-to-face with clients, or when we happen to run into someone we might want to do business with. Of course, since web design is a creative field, you’ll want your business card to serve as a sort of mini portfolio that displays your skills.
And the skills necessary to design a business card can be easily adapted from those that are required to design a website.
The best option generally depends on the purpose of the folding parts and the orientation of the card itself. While many business cards don’t bother with any kind of coating, you may want to opt for an aqueous (water resistant) or UV-protective coating. While most business cards are printed on paper, there are a growing number of specialty cards that are printed on other materials. Embossing is done by applying heat and pressure to create a raised area on a piece of paper or cardstock.
Depending on your budget, you can add virtually any embellishment you want to your business cards. These are best limited to cards with only one or two colors, as each color has to be printed separately. If your card is very simple, preferably black and white, and you have no budget, then printing your own cards can be acceptable.
Now that you have an idea of the options available for creating your business cards, it’s time to get down to actually designing those cards. By contrast, if your style is more artistic or extravagant, have your business card reflect that. Experiment with a few different card styles and designs, and then get estimates for how much each one will cost you to have printed at different quantities. Remember that your business card’s primary function is for prospective and current clients to be able to access your contact information. But some designers and business people have a tendency to include every bit of information they can think of on their business card.
What you choose to include on your business card is highly dependent on the design and how you’re most-often contacted by clients.

At a bare minimum for most cards, you’ll want to include your name and your company name, what you do, and your basic contact information (phone, email and website address). Below are fifty examples of excellent business card designs to inspire you and give you ideas for your own business card designs.
Some great cards, have always been restricted by budget but would love to be a bit more creative with my cards… next time! I’ve just started working on designing my business card design so this article is perfectly timed.
I would like to have specially made cards for my staff, but I can’t find anyone who does this kind of work. I’ve seen some of these before, but IMO the best ones are the designs you could never bear to throw away, no matter how much of a ass you thought the person gving you their card was! You should put the same time and energy into designing your business cards that you put into designing a website. The other big benefit is that it is immediately recognizable as a business card, and will fit in standard business card holders. With modern printing and cutting techniques, virtually any size and shape can be used for your business cards. Some opt for a traditional rectable, but with rounded corners or some kind of cutout shape within the card.
With a vertical-oriented card, you may want the fold along the short side, and with a horizontal card you may want it on the long side. Plastic and wood seem to be the most popular, but there are also examples of metal business cards. To get an idea of some of the types of embellishments widely available, check out your local scrapbooking supplier. Engraving is most often seen on wedding invitations and other social stationery, but it is an option for business stationery, too. One trick, though, is that instead of buying the pre-scored business card sheets (which will have tell-tale remnants of perforations along each side), buy good-quality cardstock and a paper cutter. While opting for a single-color business card on these types of presses can sometimes save a bit of money, it often has no effect on the cost of the project (especially with digital presses).
Since business cards can range widely in price from only a few cents each (or less) to well over a dollar or more, your budget will likely have as great an effect on the final design as any other factor.

Alternatively, you might decide you only want text on your card (possibly on a colored paper background). Check with them prior to finalizing your design to make sure you’re working within their guidelines. It’s important to ask whether the chosen shop will be printing the business cards in-house or outsourcing the print. Like die-cut cards, over- or under-sized cards can make your business card stand out from those of your competitors. Plastic cards are available clear, opaque, or frosted, and are even available in different colors, and aren’t significantly more expensive than good quality paper cards. If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease on your own cards, you can often pick up supplies in these shops. The most common process for commercial printing is offset, though unless you’re getting a very large quantity of business cards printed, it can be cost-prohibitive because of setup fees.
The cost per card is high, especially for smaller quantities, but the end result gives a custom, bespoke feel.
Use the templates for laying out your business cards, but then cut them apart yourself to eliminate the perforation marks.
By contrast, a one or two color design can be much more cost-effective with a letterpress or engraved business card, as each printing plate has to be custom-made for each color. I think it’s great that over the years business card design evolved from the traditional expected form to an entire experience as opposed to just a card. With so many options available for these perfectly uniform little calling cards, it’s hard to settle on just one design.
Alternatively, check with your printer to see what types of embellishments they might be able to handle (it will vary widely between printers).
You may ask for a tour of the shop to see how the cards will be run; most will readily agree.

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