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January 7, 2015 by leadwriter Pittsburgh has a wealth of many different landscaping materials, specifically stones and rocks from the area. Pittsburgh landscaping companies that deal with building via rock, stone and boulders can also be classified as hardscaping companies. Natural hardscaping stones and rocks from western Pennsylvania vary from extremely small to large boulders.
Small PA Redstone is mostly used for building parameters around other landscaping elements.
Limestone Gravel is the most common form of gravel used for decoration and display in Pennsylvania landscapes. Including boulders in your front yard or backyard landscape will lend authenticity to your property. In a natural setting, boulders don't hover atop the earth, instead just a portion of the rock is revealed. Setting all the boulders in a landscape with the flat side up will create a mundane and methodical look that does not mimic nature. A lone boulder will look quite out of place,(unless it is very large) which is why Woehler Landscaping LLC usually groups them in threes. Most of our boulders come from the mountains of the Alleghenies, the northern parts of Pennsylvania and the eastern side of Ohio.
Woehler Landscaping LLC likes to use boulders in conjunction with man-made paving materials. In certain situations, it is important to make sure a boulder stays exactly where you put it.
The overall goal of boulder placement is to make them look as if they have always been there. According to David Woehler, his years of experience have given him the ability to instinctively feel what side is up on a boulder.

Woehler Landscaping LLC can even light specific boulders that are used in their landscaping projects.
Please check out some of our pictures and meet with Woehler Landscaping LLC to pick out your boulders and get a feel for the landscape you desire to create.
In fact, local to this area is another landscaping and hardscaping technique called boulderscaping. For western Pennsylvania, we’ll be focusing on the three most commonly used gravels for landscapers. A landscape doesn’t have to be fully dedicated to a simple two or three person sitting area and firepit. The strategy for creating a boulder grouping is to place two boulders very close to each other, or even touching, and then add a third nearby. This is the case when they are integrated with paving or a main focal point in your landscape. The first rule for lighting boulders is that if they are not a focal point during the day, don't bother lighting them at night. Landscape features utilizing natural stone adds great visual interest to any home or business. Clair, Bradford Woods and Fox Chapel (areas around the full 15201 zip code), are within the Pittsburgh Low Plateau. This is the method of using huge, boulder-size landscaping plans either as accents, walls or as the basis for construction. One note, do NOT use pea gravel directly on fresh ground; use landscaping fabric is you need to.
David Woehler cautions that boulders can be used improperly; he often sees homes with boulders that are too small or just randomly dropped atop the ground. David Woehler recommends selecting a boulder that may at first appear too big, it will likely be just right once it is placed.

Having the right equipment is essential for being able to maneuver boulders into the exact position desired.
It is best to select boulders from a source near you so that the colors and nature of the stone authentically represent your region. When pavers or concrete must be used for walkways, driveways or patios, Woehler Landscaping LLC integrates boulders along the border.
Sometimes a bed of gravel and concrete below the boulder will hold it in position and prevent any settling or shifting, this can be especially useful when trying to arrange a boulder in a dramatic fashion. In some cases we have encouraged moss to grow on the face of boulders to accomplish an aged appearance. Another way to determine how boulders should be arranged is to take cues from the style of your landscape.
Pittsburgh landscaping services will serve clients in the Allegheny Mountain and Waynesburg Hills areas. There is almost always a wide selection of boulders at the Woehler Landscaping, you may even come down and hand pick the boulders you like.
The size and shape of the particular boulder will dictate just how deep it should be buried. We set the boulders first and then pave around them, cutting the pavers to fit or making other necessary adaptations.
In a casual, laid back landscape you dont want the boulders to be overly dramatic, while in a more formal landscape they are used to emulate mountains and should jut upwards accordingly.
You may even want to up light a tree behind your boulder grouping to produce a silhouette-like effect.

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