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Stacy DeBroff serves as a spokesperson for Busch Gardens and received complimentary airfare, accommodations, and meals to facilitate this review and post. At the tail end of the longest winter in memory, I found an escape hatch – traveling to the Busch Gardens theme parks in Tampa, Florida, and Williamsburg, Virginia.
I’ve recently become a spokesperson for Busch Gardens, so this trip initially offered a chance to explore the parks and see the latest attractions. What first strikes visitors at Busch Gardens Tampa – and not to mention this spring-starved New Englander – proves to be the overall ambiance of the park.
Busch Gardens clusters the rides and attractions at both parks off into destination areas, which allows each park’s theme to resonate with visitors.
A haven for animal lovers, Busch Gardens Tampa features 300 species of animals and over 12,000 animals overall. So imagine my enthusiasm when I learned that upon my return to Busch Gardens Tampa, I would ride two of the park’s famed roller coasters – the Cheetah Hunt and SheiKra.
The ride runs alongside the Serengeti Plain, and despite its height, it attracts the attention of the cheetahs roaming the plain.
As much as I love roller coasters and cherish time spent riding them with my now-college-age kids, I remember the early years. We toured the Tampa park’s Sesame Street Safari of Fun – the ultimate haven for kids – filled with kid-sized roller coasters, water rides, carousels, and more. So often amusement park shows simply offer a break from the heat or an opportunity to let kids digest their lunch before they turn upside down on the next ride.
Like the Tampa park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg exudes an ambiance so totally different from the typical theme park.

With park locales ranging from Italy and France to Scotland and Ireland, Busch Gardens’ Williamsburg features some of the best shopping this side of Europe.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg offers a host of shows – ranging from animal acts to musical performances.
Sesame Street’s Forest of Fun offers a host of rides – Prince Elmo’s Spire, Oscar’s Whirly Worms, and the Bert & Ernie’s Loch Adventure and the park’s smallest roller coaster Grover’s Alpine Express – where parents can sit alongside kids and experience a pint-sized version of thrill rides.
For bigger kids, like me, Busch Gardens Williamsburg offers a host of thrill rides, including the ever-popular roller coasters. Moreover, Mach Tower proves to be the pinnacle of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, soaring high above the park from its base in Oktoberfest. I think the rides at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida are a big part of the appeal of this park. In addition to having a good amount of "thrill" rides, there are also plenty of rides for kids.
Roller coasters, rides, animals, shows, and the famous Clydesdale horses are a few of the things you will see at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Scorpion is one of the roller coasters that smaller (you must be 42-inches tall) can ride. If you want feel g force while upside down and fly through a 60 foot vertical loop then Montu is your ride - you must just ride it over and over. Busch Gardens is famous for animals from the amazing Clydesdales to 500 tropical birds, rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, meerkats, hippos, and a crocodile.
As New England battled not one, but two, late-season snowstorms, my trip to Busch Gardens revived my spirits, provided a much-needed glimpse of sun and natural beauty, and generated lots of enthusiasm for the summer to come.

While the park includes rides, games, and more, the layout and landscaping promote a garden-like experience, rather than the frenetic sights, sounds, and stress of an overcrowded theme park. Families truly will enjoy the flexibility Busch Gardens offers in how they spend time on the plain – you can walk around, take a train (the Serengeti Express), book a Safari, or get a birds-eye view from a cable car on the park’s Sky Ride.
In fact, right after the ride opened, the cheetahs actually raced the roller coaster – but soon lost interest after they won too many heats! All-time kid-favorites, like Sesame Street characters, anchor this kid-oriented venue, offering up plenty of rides, food and water fun. From the high-flying Apollo’s Chariot, the supernatural thrills of Verbolten and the double-looping 13-story Loch Ness Monster, this park puts its own stamp on these ultimate thrill rides. Tanganyika takes you on a 20 passenger boat ride and ends with a sudden plunge down a 55 foot drop. Kumba is an exciting ride - not for the faint of heart - that starts with a 135 foot drop and takes you through spiraling 360 degree loops.
From rides to playgrounds and amazing animals younger children will have a blast at Busch Gardens.

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