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Most of the ideas of Backyard Orchard Culture are not really new, but only need to be rediscovered and applied creatively.
To successfully apply the principles of Backyard Orchard Culture to fruit tree sales, you must first master them.
The principles of Backyard Orchard Culture offer numerous ways to inspire your customers and increase your fruit tree sales. Lots of delicious fruit from small trees is the customer's motivation for adopting Backyard Orchard Culture. Set goals for yourself - product knowledge goals, daily or weekly sales goals, competitive goals (sell more fruit trees), interaction goals (create and practice new techniques to interest people in Backyard Orchard Culture).
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Also known as Backyard Orchard Culture, this is a method of planting that uses the least amount of space and creates a succession of yield times. Love this post… we are planning on planting some apple trees this spring in the backyard and space is always an issue. Improved techniques for doing practically everything give us more possibilities and options to apply to the limitations of the modern backyard.
The ideas that go into selling Backyard Orchard Culture help customers to take a positive, optimistic approach toward limits on available space and time. Backyard Orchard Culture is successive ripening: one variety after another — fruit all season long. Backyard Orchard Culture is an ongoing dialogue between the backyard orchardist and You, the nursery professional. Backyard Orchard Culture is not being lazy or intimidated by pruning, thinning, and spraying. Backyard Orchard Culture is the satisfaction of producing and the pleasure of sharing tree-ripe fruit.

Challenge them to the philosophy and techniques of Backyard Orchard Culture - challenge them to try high-density planting and summer pruning. People who think they don't have room for fruit trees, or who think fruit trees are hard to maintain, or who don't know the difference between grocery store fruit and tree-ripe fruit, or who think they would have to put up 100 jars of fruit to justify having another tree - all need to know about Backyard Orchard Culture! Experienced fruit growers who resist the high density approach are good candidates for Backyard Orchard Culture. I planned on designing an orchard space in an allotment here in the UK and this looks the ticket!
This is the Perfect Solution for backyards of any size and can give a family an abundance of fruit to eat fresh from the tree, embellished in the kitchen or preserved for future enjoyment.

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