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Apparently, chicken keeping has become quite chic in in a growing number of urban and suburban neighborhoods in the U.S.
City chicken ‘farmers’ claim the flavor of the backyard eggs is phenomenal, and well worth the effort needed to take care of the cluckers—and they say they’re really not much trouble to raise. Expert writers, including Paul Healy, Megg Miller, Alanna Moore and Josh Byrne, come together in the seventh in the Essential Guide series to give comprehensive advice on choosing a breed, housing, feeding and incorporating chickens into an organic backyard. A 124-page book-quality magazine, the Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Backyard Chickens is on sale in ABC Shops, ABC Centres and newsagents. GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Chickens is a one-of-a-kind reference book that contains the latest and greatest information on how to get your backyard flock started and how to keep the eggs and meat coming. GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Chickens goes on sale tomorrow at Tractor Supply stores, Sam’s Club and select bookstores nationwide.
When I started out, I used the same chicken house but eventually I moved the hens to their own facility and set of yards (I rotated them over about 2 acres through the season) because the broilers were seasonal and required more space.
You might also want to figure out a way to rest your chicken yard after the broilers are processed.
Members of our community not only get our bi-monthly magazine home delivered, but they get much more than that.

Backyard Poultry is the leader in providing news and information to raise a healthy, happy backyard flock. Editor’s note: Backyard Poultry, along with Parking Today, is one of our favorite examples of just what a niche magazine is!
Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. Just as many suburbanites are growing vegetables in their backyard gardens, folks are also collecting eggs for their omelets from Clucky the backyard hen. Last December, while most folks were dreaming about Christmas and all the days off they were going to enjoy with family and loved ones, the GRIT crew was busy putting together our Guide to Backyard Chickens.
If you live in town, no worries, we have sections devoted to keeping smaller flocks inside the city limits and even included step by step instructions on how to approach your municipal government in towns where chicken keeping is not legal.
GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Chickens offers expert advice on how to keep diseases out of your flock and provides detailed information on how to keep predators of all kinds from picking off your poultry. His home life is a perfect complement to his professional life as editor in chief at GRIT and Capper's Farmer magazines.
In each bimonthly issue, Grit includes helpful articles, humorous and inspiring articles, captivating photos, gardening and cooking advice, do-it-yourself projects and the practical reader advice you would expect to find in America’s premier rural lifestyle magazine.

Members benefit from access to archives on hundreds of topics related to raising backyard chickens and other poultry, The Healthy Chickens eBulletin, an electronic edition of the magazine, online videos and digital only content, an online bookstore and access to our ‘Ask An Expert’ service — a digital and print experience built specifically to help and encourage poultry enthusiasts.
This first special issue launches the magazine’s Country Skills Series, which will cover topics that you all help prioritize.
So if you fancy yourself an urban farmer or city farmer, the Guide to Backyard Chickens has you covered.
If you wonder about how chickens might help control ticks and other pests and help build rich garden soil, then you will definitely want to read GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Chickens.
Likewise, if you live out where the pavement ends, and don’t have any legal issues to contend with, our Guide to Backyard Chickens takes you through the steps for incubating fertile eggs, receiving and brooding day old chicks, building chicken coops and so much more. This new book also includes 25 time-tested and delicious recipes covering everything from for using up excess eggs to creating mouthwatering chicken burgers.

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