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on every QuickBooks® POS transaction.


Your estimated annual processing savings
if you switch to Lightning Payments.

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Estimate based on swiped rate and 1,500 transactions per month, with an annual volume of $540,000 per year.
With fees and rates deducted you would net $522,840.60 with QuickBooks vs. $525,510.00 Lightning Payments powered by TouchSuite.
Monthly QuickBooks Payments fee of $19.95 applied. Estimate based on (1) full year of payment processing.

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Lower your QuickBooks processing rates.

If you're currently processing with Intuit Payments, switching to Lightning Payments can dramatically lower your rates and transaction costs.


Lightning Payments: 1.95% + $0.22
Intuit Payments: 2.30% + $0.25


Lightning Payments: 2.95% + $0.22
Intuit Payments: 3.20% + $0.25


Lightning Payments: 0.95% + $0.22
Intuit Payments: 1.00% + $0.25

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The Lightning Payments app runs natively inside of QuickBooks POS and pairs with a PCI compliant payments terminal. Watch the demo to learn more.

Get Approved Benefits

Lightning Payments gets you more.


Next-Day Funding

No more 2-3 day wait for your money. Get it next-day with Lightning.

Speed up your cash flow with our next day funding options. As long as batches are settled before 10:00 pm, funds will be ready to use the very next business day. This means you can receive your payment processing funds in less than 12 hours. Gaining quick access to capital is critical to developing your business.


10PM Batch Out

We give you more time to finish your day.

With access to batch out times 4 hours later than Intuit Payments businesses can close the day with more capital. Imagine what your business can do with all the extra capital that you're missing out on by not processing with Lightning Payments.


Seamlessly Sync QB Desktop

Your QuickBooks POS transactions sync to your QB Accounting software.

The Lightning Payments integration offers creates a real-time connection between QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks accounting software. This allows businsses to synchronize their entire financial and accounting process while eliminating dual entries and is in full compliance with all PCI security regulations.

Setup is fast and easy.

5 minutes of your time to pre-approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any setup fees?

No. There is no cost to get set up with Lightning Payments.

What are the software requirements?

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop V12 or QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop V18. If you are running an older version we advise an upgrade to your system.

Is there a monthly payment processing minimum?

Yes. You need to process at least $25 per month.

Can I buy QuickBooks Point of Sale from you?

Yes! Because we are powered by TouchSuite, an Inutit Reseller Partner, you can purchase QuickBooks directly from us.


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